1967 Cardinals Reunion

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Do you like baseball?  Of course you do.  Do you also enjoy good food?  Duh.  Of course you do.  But do you like saving money and getting a discount on both baseball and food?  Heh.  Now that I’ve set the hook, let me reel you all the way in with an opportunity that might just be the best of both worlds.

You have the opportunity to attend a reunion event for the 1967 World Series Champion team and meet players from that team like Steve Carlton, Orlando Cepeda, Julian Javier, Larry Jaster, and Ted Savage.  You also get the chance to attend a Q&A session with some guy named Whitey Herzog.  Oh, if that wasn’t enough for you, the event is being held at Mike Shannon‘s restaurant, and you get to mingle with the players.  All of this could be yours for the low, low price of…..$4,000,000!!!

No, not really.  We don’t even look at events that cost more than $50,000.  Still kidding.

So, here are the details.

Offer 1: $399

  • Event from 7-9 pm
  • Four-Course dinner with both wine and domestic beer
  • Watch Q&A panel

Offer 2: $599

  • Event from 7-9 pm
  • Four-Course dinner with wine and domestic beer
  • Watch Q&A panel
  • 30 Minute Pre-reception and Q&A with that Whitey Herzog fellow from 6:30-7:00 pm
  • Whitey Herzog signed Major League Baseball

If you use the promotion code “67UCB“, you get 67% off the discounted ticket price that we have negotiated, and you get “Offer 1” for $139.  Use the same code on “Offer 2”, and you only pay $199.  As an added bonus, you get a free photo with all 5 team members and the opportunity to have a team member at your table.  The only catch is that you must be among the first 30 people to use this limited coupon code.

It’s also worth pointing out that there will be autographed sports memorabilia up for auction.  No big deal, but some of the items were signed by Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, David Freese, and Marshall Faulk.  Just your usual Friday evening out at dinner….with Hall of Famers and World Series Champions.

Sure, it’s more than some of you spend on dinner, but consider breaking down the value you get for your money.

Dinner includes appetizers, salad (which I assume is made from vegetables), a Sampler Dinner plate of steak, chicken, seafood, and then some dessert.  Also, don’t forget the wine and domestic beer.  I’m pretty sure that Anheuser-Busch products are still considered “domestic”.  If you opt for “Offer 2”, you get to hang out with Whitey Herzog and get an autographed ball from The White Rat himself.

If the Cardinals happen to be playing the Braves that night, there will be plenty of screens on which to watch the game….with former players.  Did I mention that there will be Hall of Famers there?  Because there will be.

So, here is how you can go about this.  If you are unmarried, simply buy one less thing of ramen noodles this week, and just sign up to attend.  If you are married, then consider laying out this offer to your significant other by explaining you are taking him/her to dinner at Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood.  Go on to explain that you have arranged for a 4-course dinner that includes steak, chicken, seafood, and dessert.  For you really odd couples, you can also mention the whole vegetable thing.

To take advantage of this deal, go to FHS Entertainment’s web page and sign up for the event using the promotional code “67UCB“.

Have questions?  Feel free to leave them in the comments, or tweet at me on Twitter (@gr33nazn).

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