Meet Jason Motte on an “Off” Day

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Need a reason to get out and do something the night of August 20th?  Some guy named Jason Motte is going to be doing an autograph signing at Chesterfield Baseball Cards according to this page.  Of course, the page lists the day as “Saturday, August 20, 2012”, so maybe Jason’s calendar isn’t the same as everybody else’s calendar.  Granted, this wouldn’t surprise anyone.  However, it seems more likely that somebody’s cat stumbled across the keyboard, and the date is correct while the day is not.

The Cardinals have an “off” day on Monday the 20th, and since Mondays tend to be rather lousy for most of us, it seems like a good idea to get out and meet the local owner of “High Heat”.  Besides, the location is in Chesterfield Mall, so you can probably find something else to blow money on while you wait to meet Motte.  He’ll be at Chesterfield Baseball Cards at 7:00pm (that’s in the evening just so you know).

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To get to Chesterfield Mall from most of the Eastern portion of the US, take I270 until you reach the undulating highway road surface that constitutes Missouri’s version of a highway, and then take I64/40 west.  For those of you who read a map the way I do, that means “left” on the map.  Stay on I64/40 until you see a bunch of buildings and some signage that indicates a mall may be near.  Just in case you are followed by out-of-state drivers who are not accustomed to driving in Missouri, please use the plastic/metallic stick on the side of your steering column to signal prior to making any sudden turns.

Also, please take money with you.  Autograph prices are as follows:

Regular Items: $39

Premium Items: $49

Inscription: $10

Please use common sense here.  A regular item may very well be something like a baseball or hat.  Premium items typically refer to much larger and more collectible items such as game worn jerseys, replica jerseys, and your car.  If you want the items signed with a personalized message to “Jo-Bob Tater, thanks for that great frog gigging trip”, you may want to be prepared to cough up the extra $10.

I had the privilege of meeting Jason at the STARS 4 Baby Reesa event recently, and he came across as exactly the down-to-earth, legitimately nice guy you would expect.  That doesn’t mean you should show up at Chesterfield Mall and hound him for a full photography setting and a hug with Great Grandma Lulu.  Please show Jason some courtesy.

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Disclaimer of things we need to disclaim:  We are in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Jason Motte or Chesterfield Baseball Cards.  We just like publicizing events that one or more of our 3 loyal readers may be unaware of at this time.

BIT OF TID:  After speaking with a representative at Chesterfield Baseball Cards, I have verified that the signing is indeed on Monday at 7:00pm.  The erroneous information on the link I posted above actually came directly from the Chesterfield Mall page which is independently run and should not be mistaken for the CFC site.

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