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With the trade of Tyler Greene to the Houston Astros, the list of ex-Cardinals grew just a bit.  As a matter of fact, he might be the final piece to the most epic NotCardinals team ever.  Consider the potential NotCardinals 25-man roster.  Note that several ex-Redbirds have been excluded, but many belong on the 40-man roster.

  1. Tyler Greene – SS/2B (Astros)
  2. Ryan Theriot – SS/2B (Giants)
  3. Nick Punto – 1B/2B/SS/3B/DH (Red Sox)
  4. Chris Perez – RP (Indians)
  5. Dan Haren – SP (Angels)
  6. Jeff Suppan – SP (Padres)
  7. Brad Penny – RP (Giants)
  8. Scott Rolen – 3B (Reds)
  9. Placido Polanco – 2B/3B (Phillies)
  10. Jason Marquis – SP (Padres)
  11. Jason Isringhausen – RP (Angels)
  12. Adam Ottavino – RP (Rockies)
  13. Erik Komatsu – OF (Twins)
  14. Octavio Dotel – RP (Tigers)
  15. Edwin Jackson – SP (Nationals)
  16. Colby Rasmus – OF (Blue Jays)
  17. Ryan Ludwick – OF (Reds)
  18. Albert Pujols – 1B (Angels)
  19. Joe Mather – OF/1B/3B (Cubs)
  20. Brendan Ryan – SS (Mariners)
  21. Raul Valdes – RP/SP (Phillies)
  22. Rick Ankiel – OF (Nationals)
  23. P.J. Walters – SP (Twins)
  24. Clayton Mortensen – RP (Red Sox)
  25. Gerald Laird – C (Tigers)

Imagine a starting rotation of Haren, Marquis, Jackson, Suppan and Walters.  Picture a bullpen packed with the likes of Perez, Penny, Izzy, Ottavino, Dotel, Valdes, and Mortensen.  The fight for playing time a few positions would be seriously tough, though.  How do you choose among Brendan Ryan, Tyler Greene, and TheRiot at SS?  Who thinks Joey Bombs should get innings over Ankiel, Raz, or Ludwick?  With this team, a hitting machine like Erik Komatsu wouldn’t even be able to break the top 4 outfielders.  Then consider for a moment all the depth at 2B.  NotCardinals fans would have a virtual baseball buffet of well-traveled options.

The obvious choice for manager?  None, but I’d give the job to Dave McKay, since he seems to have grown accustomed to a solid, losing tradition.  With Pujols hitting 3rd and Luddy hitting behind him, this team could really go places.  After all, what could go wrong?


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Peter August 9, 2012

Excellent work.

So doing no research and cursing the leadoff spot (just like the real Cards most years!):

Polanco 4
Rasmus 8
Pujols 3
Ludwick 9
Ankiel 7
(Mather DH)
Rolen 5
Ryan 6
Laird 2
Haren 1

Dennis August 9, 2012

I like that lineup, although I’m not sure I wouldn’t hit Laird ahead of Ryan.

Rick August 9, 2012

Joey Bombs would have to start ahead of Ankiel. Rick was released by the Nationals on July 27th, so technically, he’s not active.

Dennis August 9, 2012

I would agree, but I never mentioned that any of the players had to be on an MLB roster. It’s only the “NotCardinals” active roster that counts. I simply limited the scope to players who are not officially retired.

Bobby August 10, 2012

One question…who would be the backup catcher?

Dennis August 11, 2012

Nick Punto would make a great backup catcher to complete his position player bingo card.

Bobby August 11, 2012

True. He is pretty much the modern day Jose Oquendo.

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