Double Hump Day Poll

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Best Fans in Baseball: AL Central and AL East Brackets

Word.  It’s a “Double Hump Day” poll.  You know what that means?  Yeah.  Double the hump day fun.  Vote to see who joins the Braves, Cardinals, Cubs, Giants, and Rangers in the finals.


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Peter June 27, 2012

I tried to vote “Indians” in the ALC but Perez jumped out of my monitor and slapped me in the face.

In the ALE, the only way to win is not to play.

Dennis June 27, 2012

The comment about Perez is only legit, if he claimed that you were voting with a foreign substance hidden in a glove.

I dearly enjoy the AL East, but I’m trying not to let my bias show. Still think MLB realignment should be considered such that the Red Sox and Yankees are in a division by themselves, because that’s really what ESPN wants.

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