Cards Off Day Odds and Ends: HOVG Heroes, Not for Sale, Stadium Journey at Busch III, Browser Theme, and some shameless self-promotion

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Without a game to talk about, the Cardinals having Monday off in preparation for this week’s inter-league road trip, I felt it a good time to clear out the ole’ PH8 inbox – from time to time we receive notes from various folks with Cardinal-related information they’d like us to pass along to you, the three loyal readers.  Of course, we’re (usually) more than happy to oblige.

First, the shameless self-promotion part:

If you haven’t read Dennis’ post in memory of Jack Buck and Darryl Kile, it’s really worth a read.  Dennis did a great job of what we’ve seen from many already this week, putting the lives of those two men and his own perspective into a good sharing piece about what they’ve meant to him.

Also, Dennis posted yesterday about STARS 4 Reesa, a benefit for Reesa Stutzman hosted by Skip Schumaker in July. Please take a moment to read the post and more about Reesa. We (the site, as well as Dennis and I personally) are committing our full support to the event and hope you will too.

Hall of Very Good Heroes

Friend of PH8 and head of the blog Hall of Very Good has started an ambitious project of compiling various accounts of players from a strong cast of writers, one that somehow yours truly got included in.

The kickoff post starts the five-week extravaganza at the HOVG, culminating in an actual induction into the Hall of Very Good.  Please read and support that site, and we’ll keep you posted when ours goes up.

Not For Sale

Not for Sale is a non-profit organization fighting to help end human trafficking and using sports and sports fans to help.  From the Not for Sale press release:

Cardinal fans team up to beat human trafficking

Every time the Cardinals win a game, fans now have a new way to make a difference in the world. A new donation platform called Snoball ( ) is uniting baseball fans to fight human trafficking.

The idea is simple. Every time the Cardinals win a game, a fan donates $0.25. The money benefits Not For Sale, an organization that exists to end present day slavery. There are more victims of human trafficking today than any other point in history–nearly 30 million. These victims are raped, abused, and even murdered by their abductors. Of the victims, 70 percent are women and 50 percent are children.

It’s easy to give. Just visit, click the donate now button, and sign in with your Facebook account.

After donating, fans are encouraged to share the “Let’s Re-Abolish Slavery” snoball on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #cardsunite. Cardinals fans can prove, once and for all, they are the greatest baseball fans on the planet.

Imagine the difference we can make just by cheering on our favorite baseball team. Every quarter donated makes a dent in the world’s third largest illegal industry–human trafficking. If 2000 fans donate $0.25, just one Cardinals win would represent a new future for a survivor of exploitation.

Baseball fans can also help Not For Sale by joining Matt Holliday and Jaime Garcia of the Cardinals. They are part of a special Facebook application called Free2Play ( ). It allows users to create donations based on statistics of their favorite players. All money raised helps Not For Sale
prevent the human trafficking of children.

For additional questions or comments, contact (Twitter: @jasonpoemusic)

About Snoball:
Snoball is a micro-donation platform that makes charitable giving easy, social, and fun. Users can instantly donate to over 1.7 million nonprofits through customizable “snoballs.” Snoballs are automated donations based on a user’s interests. An example snoball could be defined as: “When Matt Holliday hits a home run, I will donate $1 to the American Red Cross.”

For more information about Snoball, visit

About Not For Sale:
Not for Sale creates tools that engage business, government, and grassroots in order to incubate and grow social enterprises to benefit enslaved and vulnerable communities.

For more information about Not For Sale, visit

Please consider making a donation. I promise that Jaime Garcia will get another win this season. I hope? Pretty please?

Stadium Journey updates their Busch Stadium III review

Paul Swaney and his incredible network of stadium reviewers continue to add to their library of visits and thorough reviews (I think they’re approaching 1000 total – Paul?) and in the meantime, they’re updating others, including the latest on Busch Stadium III in St. Louis.

Paul calls this “perhaps our most in-depth review yet” and it is certainly that.

Busch III received a lofty 4.6 out of 5 on the Stadium Journey FANFARE scale – do you agree?

Official Cardinals Browser Theme

Brand Thunder worked with the Cardinals to create official browser themes (Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer) for Cardinals fans to use on their home computers. Or work computer, depending on the intensity of your workplace’s IT Stasi.

You can download the themes from the Cardinals’ website, and it looks pretty sharp.

As a service to our three loyal readers, please note the fine print on that page:

Read Carefully:
Your free browser theme is made possible through its default premium search engine provider, the WebSearch+ enhancements and other search partners. Please, try them. By installing this theme, you accept Brand Thunder’s License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Thank you!

If you dig the theme and the default search engine, let us know, Cards fans – we’ll pass the feedback along!


That’s all for today, let’s hope the Cardinals can muster some offense against Justin Verlander.

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