Royals 5, Cardinals 3: What I would’ve tweeted

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Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads.

I spent the mid-afternoon of my Father’s Day at the local swimming hole with the young boy PH8 and Wife PH8 – who, bless her heart, advised me to start the Cards game from the beginning once we returned home and nap-time had ensued.


Little did I know what this undertaking would entail, but I take such enjoyment out of the “live” aspect of Twitter during Cardinal games I decided to maintain a running log of what I would’ve posted on Twitter – as it was “live” to me. Obviously, I didn’t get any replies (yet) and I couldn’t reply to anyone else (although I probably could’ve faked a couple without anyone knowing), but my thoughts are there – just as streaming as they would’ve been had I started the game at 1:15p instead of 3p.

As such, what follows is perhaps the barrel-bottom of any sports-watching analysis ever:

Top of the first

What’s everyone’s opinion on the shift? I’m fine with using information, but for Chris Getz? #stlcards

I would guess that Adam Wainwright excels at PFP. #stlcards

Nasty late break on Waino’s curve.

Bottom of the first

You know things are going well for Carlos Beltran when that sneaks through. #stlcards

Ugh, injuries suck. Getz was coming up lame before even getting to the ball.

Top of the second

Danny D just won the hearts of hundreds of #stlcards fans with that scrap-fort.

Not sure how a bunt there, with Yost managing, could’ve caught the #stlcards by such surprise?

Quintero caught standing still there, break for the #stlcards.

Wainwright having to throw a bunch of pitches in these first two innings already.

Heck of a job to get out of that with only one run scored. #stlcards

Bottom of the second

Wow, gotta just tip your cap to Escobar.

Top of the third

Too many 3-2 counts early here for Wainer to get deep into this game. Going to be long day for ‘pen again.

And of course as I say that, quickly finishes off the inning.

Bottom of the third


Guess not.

Top of the fourth

Thanks for that swing Moose. Kept Waino out of another 3–2.

Keep putting up zeroes Mr. Wainwright. #stlcards

Bottom of the fourth

I can’t believe Moustakas even got a throw off there. Wow.

Does anyone else ever wonder about the font choice for the Busch III branding? Seems discontinuous to me.

By th



So, I was keeping this up on the ole’ iPad and when I took a break to help the Mrs. bring in groceries, I lost three innings worth somehow.

I was totally pissed and really thought I had some good one-liners in there that you all would’ve appreciated and now have missed, things like:




but alas, unfortunately those are lost forever and you three loyal readers will never know their beauty and elegance.

Little did I know it would be but a small fraction of the game to come.


Top of eighth

Boggs has been excellent in his role this year, looking forward to that continuing…

Totally uneventful inning, which is the highest compliment to be paid to an eighth-inning reliever.

Bottom of eighth

RAKED is right, @RickyH49.

Dear #stlcards fans at Busch III, what are you booing?

I wonder if Ned Yost saw Allen Craig hit a home run earlier today?

I wonder if Ned Yost cares what I think?

Top of ninth

So uh, @JMotte30 is a bit fired up today…

Awesome. #sarcasm

Billy Butler really thought that home run was cool. Probably wrecked his @TaterTrotTrkr time.

Bottom of ninth

“Nobody feels worse than Jason Motte” – Al comes through in the clutch.

Free baseball.

Top of the tenth

Is there a reason not to gear up for the fastball, Ricky?

“I need a dolla (dolla)” Marte up in the ‘pen. #stlcards

TLR to Ricky and Al: “I’d like to manage against you.”

Mike Matheny to Ricky and Al: “I’d like to manage against you.”

Bottom of the tenth

[ed note – now 9pm – resuming game]

Al told the same 120lb story about Tim Collins yesterday.

Top of the eleventh

Well, Moustakas is good at hitting.

Oh boy. Well done, Master Allen. Cruz seemed to be in excellent position himself.

Jeez. Marte tried to throw that through Freese. #stlcards

Was it really necessary to bring in a LHP to face the feared Jarrod Dyson?

He’s angry, Ricky and Al. That’s a pissed off 94.

I’m ok with Collins standing out there on the bases for a while.

Bottom of the eleventh

Oh good, his “power” side, thanks Al. More of Furcal swinging from the heels, that’ll help his slump.

Crowd has gotten really quiet – many already gone? Tough day to go extras.

Ump behind home plate is almost at full soak. Gross.

Top of the twelfth

Lead off walks = always a good idea.

Thanks Yuni. *smooch*

Greene gave that a good effort – can’t fault him for Hosmer running it out.

These guys are tired. And Al is right, Greene has to keep that ball on the infield.

One has to try really hard to walk Jeff Francoeur.

Bottom of the twelfth

Who would win a Tim Collins v Adron Chambers slobber-knocker? #stlcards #royals

Al’s looking for a hero. He’s holding out for a hero til the morning light.

Shadows fully over home plate now.

Top of the thirteenth

Of course you’d screw around with Bruce Chen and let him single.

I love extra inning rationales – yeah, this might be good for Salas. Or, maybe they just don’t have a choice and he’ll be wore out.

Bottom of the thirteenth

Lohse on to hit a walkoff HR.

Or, sac bunt. Guess that’s ok too.

Matheny looks like he wants to grab a bat. #stlcards

Dang, can’t hit a ball too much harder than that, Raffy.

Top of the fourteenth

So the email question about travel schedules/time into the @FSMidwest booth earlier seems poignant now, eh?

Yeah, sure, walk the lead off guy again…

Yuni? Really? Sigh.

Eight walks. Eight. Eight. Fricking eight.

Ok, someone take the caffeine away from Sanchez. This is just stupid.

Bottom of the fourteenth

Jonathan Broxton is enormous. And he wild.

I would call what Craig just did “lumbering” from first to third.

Oh boy. Tyler comes through and base running fail.

Incredible. Yadi. Just incredible. #stlcards


Top of the fifteenth

This is like super free baseball. By the way, THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME.

Another lead off hitter on.

Fundamental Breakdown. Good band name, bad baseball.

For chris’sakes – 5 (?!?!) walks to Alex Gordon?!

Sanchez bringing heat. Gotta be gassed soon though, right?

Well then. #yuni’d

Bottom of the fifteenth

This just doesn’t seem fair. Go get ’em, rook. #stlcards

Oh shut up, Al.

As much as “things happen” in extras – this was still another one given away. Disappointing. #stlcards


Well then. Another winnable game to the dogs. And while extra innings almost always result in a “get ’em next time” from me, this one was have-able, winnable, should-have-been-able in the ninth. Disappointing finish to the weekend when two series wins in a row would have really sprung this team forward into a tough nine-game road trip.

Get ’em Tuesday boys.

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Cardinal70 June 18, 2012

Haven’t y’all learned yet NEVER to do a live/psudo live blog activity?

And am I the only one that thought Craig caught a break by not going in the 14th? As sharp as that was hit, as shallow as it was, and the way Craig is running now, I just feel he’d have been out at the plate.

PH8 June 19, 2012

Yes, trust me, the irony was not lost on me as I realized that the game was dragging on. Especially when I had my wife check “is this thing still going on?” when I took a break for dinner. Her look said it all, she didn’t have to reply.

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