Music Monday: Give It Away, Give It Away Now

by on March 12, 2012 · 5 comments

Courtesy of Sarah Nisch Music

Do you like the Cardinals?  Do you like music?  Do you like free stuff?

If you answered “yes” to all 3 of the above questions, then you should probably stop talking to websites.  After you stop talking to the interwebz, then consider how cool it would be to win free music performed by a big time Cardinal fan.  Keep in mind that it is Monday, and it happens to be the first Monday after the dreaded Daylight Saving Time “spring forward”.

So, you have the opportunity to win free music by a member of Cardinal Nation on a Monday while you are sleep deprived.  Does it get any better?  (Don’t answer that.)

By now you are probably asking yourself how you can go about winning this aforementioned free music.  If you are doing so aloud, I would caution you against speaking to websites.  Worse yet, you may be surrounded by other people, and you do not want them to have a chance to win free music.  You want it for your very own.


  1. All 3 of our loyal readers are automatically disqualified from winning, but they can enter.
  2. If the most recent music player you own spins vinyl discs, then please understand that we are not giving away the music with a B-side.
  3. You must be willing to download the music from iTunes, because all winners will receive an email containing gift certificate information which is only good for the specified download.

About the artist:  The performing artist is Sarah Nisch.  She is a Missouri girl and Cardinal fan who took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and ended up in Brooklyn.  Sarah spends her time making music and fashioning trebuchets out of driftwood.  She happens to be a fashionista and hugs trees in her spare time.  Her EP, By Heart, is so good that I actually listened to more than 1 song on it (my personal favorite tune is “Take Me Dancin“).  She’s a little bit of pop, wrapped in folk, inside an enigma.  You can go to her website to check out her music, or you can look her up on iTunes.  Even better, you can win a copy of her EP.


In the comments section below, just simply enter the name of your favorite Cardinal player of all time and explain why you chose that player.  We’ll randomly pick winners at the end of the day (or when we get around to it).  Winners will be contacted using the email they provide, and they will then be asked to provide an email address to be used for receiving their gift email.  Simply, right?  Just name your favorite Cardinal of all time and explain your pick.  It’s so easy that even Bud Selig could do it with minimal assistance.

What you are waiting for…?  After all, you are probably doing this on company time anyway.

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Follow Sarah Nisch on Twitter, because supporting other members of Cardinal Nation is truly cooler than the other side of the pillow.  Also, we’re trying to convince her to provide some music for the next generation of PH8 podcasts in addition to what Star Off Machine has done.

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TheRealAaron March 12, 2012

My all-time favorite Cardinal is Ozzie Smith. When I was a little kid, he was the only meaningful player on some sad mid-90’s teams.

(After a look at Baseball Almanac, I see now that we also had Todd Zeile and young Ray Lankford but still…)

Sir Sci March 13, 2012

My favorite Cardinal of all time is Enos Slaughter. This may seem odd since he played for the Cardinals before even my parents were alive. As a kid, though, the mad dash captured my imagination. Amongst the greats, Slaughter has always stayed my favorite. Every time I take my pilgrimage from Springfield, MO to Bush Stadium I do two things before the game – read The Man’s “Here Stands Baseball’s Perfect Warrior. Here Stands Baseball’s Perfect Knight,” and visit the statue of Slaughter’s slide.

Dennis March 13, 2012

Thanks for reading. Looks like we have 2 winners, and we’re still looking for a few more. Just let me know if the email address we have on file is the one you want the certificate information sent to.

Sir Sci March 13, 2012

Ya, the e-mail address I posted with would be the correct one.

Dennis March 15, 2012

I sent the gift email to both of you. If you haven’t received it by now, please let me know.

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