Oswalt Chooses To Play In His Own Sandbox For Now

by on February 23, 2012 · 2 comments

Most Expensive Bag of Ol' Roy Ever

Well, it’s unofficially official now.  The long national nightmare is finally over.  Roy Oswalt has finally decided that playing baseball right now does not sound nearly as much fun as staying at home and playing with his Tonka trucks in his own sandbox. Instead of joining one of the potential contenders that came calling, Oswalt will instead wait until later in the season to pick a team.  That’s too bad, because the marketing campaign effort between Oswalt and the makers of Ol’ Roy dog food has to be put on hold for a while.  So, it could be several months until Roy starts shilling for “Meaty Chunks & Gravy” flavor.  Well played, Mr. Favrewalt.  Now go make me a sammich.

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Herb grosinger February 24, 2012

I am sorry,but the cards do not need Oswald. The cards at an opportunity to sign Pinerro for practically nothing,so the Phillies were smart enough to do that, and signed him to minor league contract.

Dennis February 25, 2012

Herb, I am not suggesting or implying that the Cardinals “need” Oswalt. I’m just poking fun at the guy for taking the “pick a desperate team to get paid more” approach. I’d laugh if it backfired, because greedy people who are already wealthy are just worthy of ridicule.

I’m not sure how you can compare the Phillies situation to the Cardinals, though. Nearly every team takes a few low risk/ high reward shots this time of year. For the Phils, they are mostly about insurance. The Cardinals are more about options in the event someone like Westbrook struggles. The Cardinals are still leaving themselves with flexibility that a lot of teams don’t have. That’s why I am not necessarily a fan of tying up $5M+ on Oswalt.

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