MLBs Best Bromances

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No really, go ahead and eat it.

If anything in life tops the love between a man in uniform and another man in uniform, then I don’t know what it is.  Maybe it is the long season, or perhaps the commuting between cities that helps forge the bond between 2 players.  It does not matter one iota.  The important thing is that MLB bromances are alive and well.  Now let us celebrate these bromances by looking at the best ones in baseball.

5.  Logan Morrison and Logan Morrison‘s Ego – Absolutely no chance of unrequited love with this pairing.  Nobody loves Logan Morrison quite like Logan Morrison does.  He might be the Rickey Henderson of this era.  If LoMo starts referring to himself in the 3rd person, then we’ll know for sure that he has started to channel Rickey.

4.  Ray Vinson and Tony La Russa – Technically, neither one is active in baseball, although their commercials run frequently enough to make one wonder.  Ray Vinson will go to no end to spend some quality time with TLR.  Imagine having the money to spend on a commercial during the Super Bowl and using it as an opportunity just to set hang with your BFF.  Ah, love.  Exciting and new.

3.  Skip Schumaker, Roy Oswalt, and the Rally Squirrel – The enemy of your enemy may not be a friend.  Skip may have a love/hate relationship with the squirrel, but Oswalt most certainly has a similar relationship (minus the love part).  If some anonymous bidder starts buying up all the Skip Schumaker / Rally Squirrel Topps baseball cards, my money would be on Oswalt.

2.  Ryan Braun and his attorney – Seriously, Braun must have 2 pounds of Godiva chocolates sent with his check to his attorney every month.  Anybody who can keep him from serving a 50 game suspension this season has earned it, though.

1.  Yadier Molina & Albert Pujols – Yadibert?  Pujolina?  No matter.  A rose by any other name would be just as expensive when ordering a dozen at a time.  Will the long distance bromance take a toll on the two?  Do you think that they Skype each other weekly, or is it all about FaceTime?  With Albert set in place for the next 28 years, will Yadi have no other choice but to join him with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California 3rd Rock from the Sun?  Only time will tell.

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