What Is Your Favorite Baseball Movie Of All Time?

by on February 13, 2012 · 8 comments

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StLHugo February 13, 2012

Even though I voted Sandlot, and would anyway, I was surprised you didn’t include The Scout on this list, I love how Ozzie Smith is the “Big Bat” that he has to get out to win the WS. Wonder if Fever Pitch was left off for a similar reason 😉

Dennis February 13, 2012

There were several that were omitted on purpose. “The Scout” and “Fever Pitch” were omitted, because I really expected fewer than 5 people to vote for each. I left off “Baseball” by Ken Burns, because it really isn’t in the same category of baseball movies as the rest. I left off “Moneyball”, because I am biased and dislike it as crap.

Wes Schilt February 13, 2012

Love the favorite baseball movie poll. I notIced The Rookie was left off the poll. Probably not the best of all time, but way better than some on the poll.

Josh February 13, 2012

The Rookie is in my top 3-5 of baseball movies that are must-see. Great list but hard to top Major League!

Phil February 14, 2012


Thanks for posting this up! I chose Eight Men Out but I could have easily selected Bull Durham as well.

The Burns “Baseball” is amazing. I received the entire box set for Christmas and had that been on the list that one wins hands down!

I’ll be in touch soon to do another program together….hopefully Josh can join us this time!


Dennis February 14, 2012

Just trying to keep ourselves amused until baseball season gets here, Phil. Glad you received and enjoyed the box set of the Burns work. Great stuff there.

I’ll be more than happy to do another show whenever the time comes. Getting the hat trick of all 3 of us might be tough, though. Pretty sure we’ve only been on-air together only once in all this time.

Craig F. February 18, 2012

Can’t believe you left out Mr. Baseball.. come on man.. you are better than that!

Dennis February 18, 2012

Sorry, but Mr. Baseball and Angels in the Outfield didn’t make the cut. You should know me better than that, Craig.

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