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Here at PH8, we pride ourselves on bringing you the latest and greatest news about baseball (even if it is fake news).  The latest tidbit floating around the interwebz is an image of the Topps baseball card for one Albert Pujols.  Now, some people are already claiming that this is a fake, but I have my doubts.  The image is just too convincing.  See for yourself:

See the moneybag. Be the moneybag.

Consider the following points when trying to determine whether or not this is a legitimate image of the card or a really, really good fake.  First, Albert appears to be in nearly ideal fielding position to catch a small bag of “respect money”.  Second, the base runner for the Royals looks to actually already be safe on base, so the “respect money” ball is actually a throw to first base to check on the runner.  That seems like an ordinary baseball play, so there is nothing out-of-the-ordinary there.  Finally, this image is attributed to an anonymous source, and according to Benjamin Franklin “anonymous internet sources are simply kindly web denizens who seek not the spotlight of fame”.

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Mick Lite January 27, 2012

The base runner is also running the wrong way, or poo is taking a throw from the dugout lol

Dennis January 27, 2012

Yep. I also theorized that maybe the play was actually at 3rd, but then the moneybag would probably be a bit larger.

Ryan Sendek January 27, 2012

The base runner is also incredibly out of focus when compared to Pujols, who should be about four feet away from the base at the very most.

Dennis January 27, 2012

Yeah, the focus issue is one I actually tried to duplicate on my own. Since I don’t know what the original card looked like, I just took a guess about whether or not the original had been split into 2 layers (or more). I went ahead and tried it that way, and my attempt looks somewhat similar after changing the opacity on the layer containing the runner.

Also, notice how large the guy is compared to Pujols. Huge.

Ryan Sendek January 27, 2012

True. Granted, Pujols is squatting compared to the runner who is nearly upright.

I’ve been searching around for other Angels players who have worn the number 5 to see if it was a simple head transplant, but I’ve had no luck in my search.

Phil February 13, 2012

Too funny Dennis!

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