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John Mozeliak

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On the morning of January 19th, I started collecting links – as many as I can find with minimal effort – that discuss the Albert Pujols contract discussions. Why? Who knows, yet here they are. Oh, and to serve you all, our three loyal readers! The Daily Pujols certainly won’t be a comprehensive list, but between local, national, and blog coverage, maybe you’ll find something here you otherwise wouldn’t. Without further delay, here is today’s Daily Pujols…

It’s been a while since the last time we visited, so I’ve pared back the sheer number of links in the interest of keeping your respective employers happy. Rest assured, we’ll be back with full force ongoing.


Derrick Goold explores how the Cardinals can compete with the various free agency suitors and their presentations to Albert Pujols – I particularly like the first and last suggestions in the list near the bottom.  I also like that Derrick used “FTW” in a post.

John Mozeliak sat down with KSDK for a few minutes to discuss (or decline to specifically discuss) the Pujols negotiations.

The Cardinals offered AP arbitration.

AP is expected to decline arbitration.

Goold follows up on the Lozano/Deadspin mess with quotes from Pujols on vacation in Hawaii.

Jeff Wilson at The Southern Illinoisan plays “What If?”  Dare I say, he didn’t do it as well as Dennis did.

Goold explains the Allen Craig over Albert Pujols listing at first base for Baseball America’s 2015 projected Cardinals lineup.

The Post-Dispatch’s Round Two water cooler discussion tackles “best” offer for Pujols – will the Cardinals offer it?

Matthew Leach addresses Pujols questions in a mailbag at

Leach also writes that as the Winter Meetings start, so does the earnest pursuit of Pujols.



The Centre Daily Times focuses on Matt Adams’ season and rising stock in the Cardinals’ organization and how his ascension may fit with the organization depending on Pujols’ future.

Tony Andracki at doesn’t think Pujols (or Prince Fielder) is a good fit for the Cubs. (NO WORRY, LOZANO THINKS THEY FIT JUST FINE)

Jeff Passan uses quotes like “the interest in Pujols has been surprisingly quiet” and “100 percent certain he’s going back there [to St. Louis]” – is that good or bad?

Jon Morosi and Ken Rosenthal indicate that the new CBA restrictions on amateur spending and a light free-agent market may be pushing the Cubs toward AP and Fielder.

Phil Rogers says no dice on the Cubs rumors. Who’s telling the truth?

Well, for one, Tom Ricketts says the decision is up to Theo.

Bernie Miklasz nails it on Theo Epstein and the Cubs – smart doesn’t always mean frugal spending. Doesn’t always mean smart either.

ESPN Chicago’s Bruce Levine says that the Cubs are playing it right by feigning interest in both so they can get a deal on the one they really want. Uh, ok?


Did you hear the one about Pujols’ agent, Dan Lozano? Ya know, at Deadspin? This one? (Likely NSFW)

Friend of the site Josh Bacott added his satirical touch to the Lozano story at

Pip over at Fungoes polled the Bob Broeg Chapter of SABR on when they believe Pujols will sign.

An (as always) entertaining post from VEB re: Pujols’ pending departure (or not) (or yes) (maybe not?).

Getting Blanked has Albert Pujols Paper Doll Cut-Outs. Yep, it’s awesome.


Have more Pujols links to share?  Post them in the comments below!

Want to read the previous Dailies?  You can find them all here.

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