Pitchers Hit Eighth Podcast – Episode 8.0: “Are you accusing the new Cardinals manager of waxing his face?”

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Moved to record a new episode after far too much time taken off since the last one, Josh and I blazed our own path without a guest for Episode 8.0.

We did however, solicit questions from Twitter just before the show, and wound up discussing topics ranging from Jose Oquendo‘s future with the club, to the middle infield,  to the new manager Mike Matheny, and ultimately devolving into a fascinating and excellent wager.

If you listen to one episode of the Pitchers Hit Eighth podcast, this one is it. Josh has put forth a challenge to us Cardinal fans and the new manager to make something happen…

This show was like a tale of two recording apparatus – me on my new Blue Yeti (aka THE GOODS) and Josh on his phone again (cutting out a bit from time to time, thanks for your understanding) as he traverses the country. We’re working on getting Josh a Yeti (the microphone kind).

Please give a listen, tell your friends, e-mail us at podcast@pitchershiteighth.com and keep reading.

Thanks again to Star Off Machine for providing our music for this episode, follow them on Twitter @STOFMA.  They’re currently working on a new album, please support them!


The Pitchers Hit Eighth Podcast is an irregularly recorded show featuring discussion about all aspects of the St. Louis Cardinals organization, hosted by Nick and Josh from Pitchers Hit Eighth.  Occasionally, they will be joined by an interesting guest.

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