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Chris Carpenter

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If you haven’t already seen Dennis and Josh’s ballots for the Cardinal Blogger Awards, please take a minute to read those as well.

Below is my ballot – we elected to have three different ballots so that we could all express our own opinions without having to argue which way to direct a single PH8 vote – I’m glad we did, just because there’s really no wrong answer, all should be recognized.

Cardinal Player of the Year

Lance Berkman

Is there any doubt that this team would’ve found much different results without Puma’s bat in 2011? If he can produce slightly better than half as well in 2012, the $12mm extension will be worth it.

Cardinal Pitcher of the Year

Chris Carpenter

Given the benefit of seeing his post-season performances locks this. Inconsistency was the name of the game for Cardinal pitching in 2011, but when they needed a win, needed a big-game start, Carp was the guy.

Regular Season Game of the Year

September 24 vs. Chicago (Marmol meltdown)

I remember watching this game, entering the bottom of the ninth inning, and thinking to myself “well, it was a good run, fellas.” Then Marmol totally Marmol-ed it. Winning.

Postseason Game of the Year

WS Game 6 (two rallies with one strike left)

Obviously to each their own, I just don’t know how one could vote for any other game. I leave you with this:

Courtesy of FanGraphs

Surprise Player of the Year

Lance Berkman

Again, who could’ve called his 2011? Yeah, he believed in himself and came into camp in great shape. But, really? Nice job Puma.

Disappointing Player of the Year

Tyler Greene

I’m going off the chart a bit with this one, but for me, Greene failing to take the next step – failing to make good on an opportunity to seize playing time when injuries and poor middle infield play was seriously affecting the Cardinals’ ability to win games – was disappointing. Every season we wait for Tyler to make the transition from great play at Memphis to the big leagues, and disappointment continues to follow him. He’s dangerously close to inheriting the quad-A tag, if he hasn’t already.

Cardinal Rookie of the Year

Allen Craig

This isn’t even a contest for me. Eduardo Sanchez and Lance Lynn were great and played huge roles in the Cards’ successful season, but neither had the impact that Craig did. 2.6 fWAR in a partial season? Yes please. Give this guy 500 at-bats next season.

Pre-Season Acquisition of the Year

Lance Berkman

Please see multiple items above.

Mid-Season Acquisition of the Year

Octavio Dotel

Did you know that Dotel was worth almost a full win (fWAR) since coming to the Cards in the end of July? 11.68 K/9 as a Cardinal, and just dominated right-handed hitters. Helped to stabilize a bullpen desperately in need of a guy who could get outs. He got outs.

Most Anticipated Cardinal

Matt Adams

It’d be a little hypocritical of the Official Honk for Matt Adams Blog™ to choose anyone else, wouldn’t it? I know Shelby Miller is the popular choice, and for good reason. I want to see Adams swing at everything thrown to him, and hit three-of-ten with one-of-three going over the wall. Hear all about Matt in PH8 Podcast Episode 4.0 with Kevin Goldstein.

Best Individual Cardinal Blog (written mainly by one person)

C70 at the Bat

I’m still amazed each and every season (and off-season) by the work that Daniel does on his own at C70. Kudos sir, on another great season – hope you’re awash in World Series swag.

Best Team Cardinal Blog (written by two or more people)

I-70 Baseball

Seems obvious that an assembly of several great writers who have their own Cardinal blogs into one location would get the nod for this award, no? Bill and his team of writers consistently put out top-notch opinion and coverage of the team.

Best Professional Cardinal Blog

Obviously, You’re Not A Golfer

Hard to go wrong with any choice here really, but personally, I just like the vibe of Matthew Leach’s blog and appreciate his insights and how he shares them – gotta be a delicate balance between the main .com, the blog, and dissemination on Twitter. Cheers, Matthew.

Best Rookie Cardinal Blog (began December 1, 2010 or later)

Redbird Dugout

Jon really does a great job of staying (or at least trying to, like most of us) even keel in both his opinion and analysis. It’s very easy as a blogger and fan to get caught up in falling too far on one side or another of the blind fanboy versus club can do no right spectrum, and I think Jon’s found it.

Post of the Year

Backyard Dreams

Bill Ivie wrote a post that was clanking around in my brain almost verbatim. So really, a vote for Bill’s post here is a vote for my unwritten post that he beat me to writing. (I’m kidding, of course, about deserving part of the vote – great job, Bill!)

Best UCB Project


Consistently the most fun and engaging project the UCB produces each season.

Most Optimistic Cardinal Blog

On the Outside Corner

This is really as much a vote for Bob’s Twitter feed (@throatwarbler) as it is his blog, but Bob was the first this season (that I saw anyway) to latch onto the similarities between the 2011 club and one of the other great underdog stories in Cardinal history, the 1964 Birds. I’m glad Bob’s faith and undying support for the team was rewarded.

Best UCB Podcast

Conversations With C70

Have you listened to any of these? If not, you must make time. I just caught up on all of the back episodes and each one is thoughtful, insightful, and very well done – knowing Daniel personally, the format just fits his conversational style to a tee and the entire program comes off very casual and informative (those are good things).

Best UCB Twitterer


See above – both positive throughout, and I love the old-timey Twitter tales. Cheers, Bob!

Best Fake Cardinal Twitter Account


Dead. Ringer.


There you have it, my votes for this year’s Cardinal Blogger Awards. Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below!

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