Fool’s Friday: Where is the St. Louis Love?

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Too many things are still floating through my head after last night’s magic and thankfully, I have that little distraction called work to get me right up to Game 7.

No matter how many times this story started writing itself during the back and forth of possibly the greatest World Series finish, a Hollywood ending was predicted by none other than my wonderful wife. She never lost her faith even though getting down to the last strike twice should have spelled doom.

Instead, we will all remember this one for the rest of our lives.

Much like a great movie, the Cardinals overcame every obstacle and now are nine innings from #11in11. Two themes keep playing in my head no matter how many times I attempt to move on to tonight’s winner-take-all.

In 2004 the AL Champs celebrated a title at Busch II which was painful to watch from Iraq. Instead of focusing on a comeback, my mind drifted to seeing Texas partying under the Arch. You want to hate the Rangers, or at least I do, but admit it — this series could go on for a month!

Two worthy competitors with respect for each other gutting it out sounds a lot like a movie script, and that leads to the second half of my thought process. Every other city/team gets love at the cinema, but the flicks with even a small baseball theme fly right over the Gateway to the West.

Unless it only takes a little two-month stretch of history to make it happen!

Before it is reader participation time, I do grant that this is out there somewhere. TLR and Co. will surely trade any amount of press from an August series with the Cubs for a storybook finish in 2011.

It is time to write the ending, but I will need all the help I can get. Movies are another love of mine, and this time our three loyal readers get to pick the script. The cinema list that includes baseball expands well past my knowledge base, and that is where I need your help.

Kevin Costner always wanted to be a ‘ball player, and his film choices are a small reminder of how powerful sports can influence life. Of all the clips that float around my head, one scene in particular always brings me back to St. Louis every time.

Billy Chapel: The game doesn’t stink, Mr. Wheeler. It’s a great game

That is LaRussa in a nutshell for me, hands down. He deserves all the credit in my opinion for getting the Birds on the Bat in this position, and his drive makes the players even better. It is a great game and now we all get to enjoy one more.

Either in the comments, on the PH8 Facebook page, or via Twitter give us your favorite baseball movie/scene and which Cardinal it reminds you of.

Bringing this to a close, it has been one of my greatest thrills to have even a small part in all this fun. We here at PH8 could not have written a better script and surely didn’t fathom this way back in April when we all met. Let me just say to Nick and Dennis — been an amazing ride, enjoy tonight my friends!


Loyal to a fault, I was taught to never give up on your team. The Cardinals have much to look forward to in '13, and my family has already planned a number of trips to Springfield and even farther up the I-44. This year will start and end with #6, however, as St. Louis will have an extra fan watching from above - RIP Stan the Man
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OtterMatt October 28, 2011

It just sums up the series, the team, and this entire year. Baseball will always be worth it.

“The one constant through all the years has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It’s been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game, is a part of our past. It reminds us of all that once was good, and what could be again.” – James Earl Jones in Field of Dreams (1989)

Josh October 28, 2011

Well put sir. Baseball is one thing that can bring people together through any time, good or bad. Tonight will just be the icing on the cake!

Dennis October 28, 2011

“You’re killing me, Smalls!” from The Sandlot. Directions: Use this line whenever a Cardinal player attempts to catch a ball with their groin.

Josh October 28, 2011

Well with Craig starting this should be avoided correct? I do need to watch the Sandlot again, great movie!

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