Cardinals win 2011 National League Wild Card

by on September 29, 2011 · 4 comments

If you are just waking up on Thursday morning and this is the place you come first for your Cardinals news, first, I’m sorry.  Second, THE CARDINALS WON!  Third, SO DID THE PHILLIES!

Yes, our beloved Redbirds are on to the 2011 tournament, and without having to play that pesky 163rd game, even!

Chris Carpenter was, obviously, outstanding.  As were the Cardinal bats, as luck would have it, and the Redbirds would be the only one of eight teams involved in playoff drama to go about their business without much fanfare (well, I guess the Astros didn’t really get all palpitated either).

So indeed, on to the playoffs, following an improbable September that resulted, tonight, in this photograph:



(photo courtesy of our friend Christine at Aaron Miles’ Fastball)

Oh, and while we’re sharing photos (and moreso because I can’t resist tweaking lovable Cubs fans), I thought I might share this with you:

Premature Cubs fan is premature.

Yep, it’s a real post, it was really written, and it’s, well, it’s just kind of sad isn’t it?  Sorry to ruin your 2011 “World Series”.

But enough about 1908, it’s 2011 and the Cardinals start the NLDS in Philly on Saturday.  Magic number is eleven.

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