UCB August Project: Q & A with Rob Says Really

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The August project for the United Cardinal Bloggers was to get to know each other.

We’ve had meetups at Busch for various events, we’ve invaded Pujols 5 for an evening – but this was an opportunity to ask and learn from each other with randomly selected pairings.

We drew Rob Darnell from the Cards blog Rob Says Really?.

Our questions for Rob, and his responses, are below:

PH8: Your blog has a pretty unique name and premise – what inspired the name and how it’s tied into your posts?

Rob: The way I came up with my blog post is pretty simple, I was watching one of the many disappointing Cardinals games and like everyone else was scratching my head. It was actually easy to come up with the name of the blog since I’m Rob and I can’t help but say everytime I see the games I go—-really? It just seemed to match up pretty well, and since I’m not a big stats guy I just went as a “ticked” off or “elated” fan with opinion based blogging.

PH8: If you had to use just one sentence to explain how or where the 2011 Cardinals season went wrong, what would it be?

Rob: The inconsistent managing of Tony La Russa, and the inconsistency with the middle infield defense and failure to hit with runners in scoring position as well as several mental errors on the basepaths.

PH8: Which current Cardinal prospect are you most excited to see playing at Busch III?

Rob: That would be Matt Adams, if Albert does leave I am very comforted knowing there’s a masher on the horizon. I mean look at his numbers, .314 avg 30 HR and 94 rbi’s. What’s not to like?

PH8: Hypothetical: You’re a Cards season-ticket holder who has made the decision, following the lackluster 2011
campaign, not to renew your seats for 2012. What is the one thing the Cards could do or say to get you to renew?

Rob: Honestly I think this team nees an overhaul at the top. First off I would let Tony La Russa ride off into the sunset. In the perfect world the Cardinals would pry Joe Maddon away from Tampa Bay.  He’s a good manager, his team plays hard for him and I just don’t see the inconsistencies.  Plus his temprement is a bit more even keel.  He’s also a big fan of the organization, and would look great in the Cardinals dugout.  Secondly, I’d still find a way to re-sign Albert and maybe increase payroll enough to keep the core players here.  I think if the nucleus of this lineup can stay fairly intact, and rid ourselves of the bad apples (Theriot etc…) the team will be fine.  I’m still not sold that the Milwaukee Brewers are really this much better than the Cardinals,and I remember when they rented CC Sabathia to make the playoffs the next year they faded again.  I don’t see the Brewers keeping Prince Fielder either, and he’s the glue that holds that team  together.  Make no mistake, I feel the Brewers are not in it for the long haul, they just don’t have the tradition.

PH8: Isn’t it about time Matt Holliday was given a catchy or appropriately reverent nickname? Any suggestions?

Rob: Matt “Moleman”

Tin Cup (from his little mishap in the playoffs a few years back)

Cracker Barrel, he’s kind of a country guy and the bat makes a nice “crack” sound when he connects. And Cracker Barrel represents country living.

Thanks Rob, it was fun exchanging questions with you!

Find the rest of the back-and-forths over at the UCB site.

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