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When the St. Louis Cardinals Public Relations team talks, we listen.  When they send out a simple request to help support Stan Musial, we break out the kevlar jerseys to take to the baseball fields in his honor.  Fortunately, all the team asked the Cardinal blogger community to do was help get out the most recent news about Stan. 

You have a chance to give Stan Musial your All-Star vote.  No, he’s not actually going to play in the game, although he probably could.  He’s kind of like Yoda.  The force is strong with this one, and he probably goes from a kind smile to backflipping acrobatic baseball Jedi with a bat-shaped lightsaber when necessary.  You know you are picturing him in his Jedi robes right now.  They would look really good with the Birds on the Bat.  Just sayin’.  Relax, though.  I’m just asking you to cast a vote for Stan’s ridiculously epic walkoff home run in the 1955 All-Star Game.

MLB is doing a bracket tournament to determine the greatest moment in All-Star game history.  Stan’s moment has made the final four, and voting for the next round ends Saturday.  You know what to do. 

Vote.  Stop playing Angry Birds and vote right now.  Make your parents, kids, siblings, lawn care company people, podiatrist, friends, mortal enemies, and even some Cubs fans vote for Stan.  I’m not going to tell you how to do it.  Just get it done…..for Stan. 

Just in case you don’t realize how epic the moment was, here is the video clip (Click on the playlist for Midsummer Classic Moments and look for Stan.).  Wait for the pitch.  Watch the swing.  Listen for that sound.  Enjoy the moment.

TIDBIT:  Please vote.  I wouldn’t want to have to round up the PH8 team to come pay you a visit in our kevlar jerseys.  If that happens, we’ll be the ones that show up ridin’ dirty in a lowered Prius with “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang blaring from the sound system.

BITS OF TID:  Just kidding.  I don’t think I’d fit in a Prius.   Did I mention that you can vote by clicking one of the “vote” links?

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Craig F. June 30, 2011

Voted 25 Times!

Dennis June 30, 2011

Thanks for following along and voting, Craig!

Josh July 2, 2011

It is paying off — Stan has made the Finals!

Dennis July 2, 2011

Thanks for the update, Josh. It means we don’t have to all fit in a Prius.

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