Baseball Bloggers Alliance: 2011 MLB All-Star Ballot

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As part of the great organization of bloggers that we are happily a founding member of, the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, I’m happy to submit the following ballot for the BBA’s 2011 All-Star balloting:


National League – Brian McCann, Atlanta
American League – Alex Avila, Detroit

I’m sure the McCann pick will anger our three loyal readers, but the fact is that even Yadi’s hot bat (which has cooled of late with the rest of the Cards) and perennial Gold Glove aren’t enough to overcome McCann’s prowess at the plate.  Avila is the should-be All Star that no one is talking about, and he’s even losing votes to a teammate who barely catches anymore.

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First Base

National League – Prince Fielder, Milwaukee
American League – Adrian Gonzalez, Boston

The only real debate with either of these is possibly going with Joey Votto, but I doubt many will argue with Prince and AGonz.

Second Base

National League – Rickie Weeks, Milwaukee
American League – Dustin Pedroia, Boston

Pedroia gets the nod over Robinson Cano, more or less because I say so.  Weeks has been outstanding for the Brewers this season, another victim of a bit of “popularity contest fatigue”.

Third Base

National League – Chase Headley, San Diego and Ryan Roberts, Arizona
American League – Kevin Youkilis, Boston

Hey, this is my ballot, so I can say there is a tie if I want to.  In a weakened NL 3B field, Headley and Roberts have shown out a bit with defense and baserunning – two traits not normally a factor at a position where slugging percentage wins All Star berths.  Youkilis gets the nod over Alex Rodriguez in the AL, well, again, because I say so.


National League – Jose Reyes, New York (NL)
American League – Asdrubal Cabrera, Cleveland

The NL choice isn’t even really a competition here, while the AL has three really good candidates, IMO.  I chose Cabrera for his elevating performance to-date this season over Yunel Escobar and Alexei Ramirez.


National League – Matt Kemp, Los Angeles (NL); Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh; Matt Holliday, St. Louis
American League – Jose Bautista, Toronto; Curtis Granderson, New York (AL); Matt Joyce, Tampa Bay

By name:  Kemp, easily the best NL outfield candidate.  McCutchen, exciting part of Pittsburgh’s rebirth this season.  Holliday, maybe I homered Ryan Braun a bit here, but Holliday without injuries would’ve made it no contest.  Joey Bats, DUH.  Granderson, just slightly less duh.  Joyce, kind of a do-it-all type of cat who ranked highly in WPA/LI which appeals to me.  Remember the part about how this is my ballot and I can do with it as I please?

Designated Hitter (AL only)

American League – David Ortiz, Boston

I was amazed to find Bobby Abreu pop up in the discussion here.  Not enough to warrant actually typing out his name, but…ah, dangit.


So there you have it.  I should be clear that you are not to pummel Dennis or Josh over these selections, because I foolishly and arrogantly came up with them on my own, with no outside consultation.

Agree with any of these?  Disagree with most?  Hit up the comments below, or you can always attack me on Twitter @PitchersHit8th.

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Lee June 27, 2011

You guys nailed it. And no, I’m not upset over the McCann pick. Objective Lee (ha!) can’t argue with the numbers.

My only beef is the NL 3B tie. I would give it Roberts straight up… but, honestly, we’re splitting hairs at that point.

Do we have to wait for the pitchers installment until just before the managers pick [read: screw up the rosters]?

PH8 June 28, 2011

Thanks Lee.

My main hangup at NL 3B on Roberts was that a good chunk of his RAR appear to be coming from baserunning, and admittedly not seeing him much made me skeptical. ‘Course, I’m sure similar arguments could be made against Headley.

If there is enough demand for it (read: one person, you) I could be convinced to do a pitchers writeup…

Otter June 28, 2011

My goodness, no, I’m not upset by McCann. It’s sadly true, but Yadi hasn’t been as large of a contributor for the Birds as McCann has been for the Braves.
I would send Berkman as an alternate for his resurrection this season, and a healthy David Freese would almost certainly be in the debate, but that’s life in the big leagues…

PH8 June 28, 2011

Berkman certainly on the short list, and would’ve easily been one of my “manager’s picks”.

Dennis June 28, 2011

No love for Jhonny Peralta or Ben Zobrist as honorable mentions? *sigh*

PH8 June 28, 2011

Zobrist was on the short list, but last I checked, there were no “honorable mention” slots on the MLB ballot. 😉

Always room on the roster for manager’s picks, right?

Dennis June 28, 2011

Definitely. Besides, you can always argue that Zobrist isn’t helped by the fact that he’s played 20+ games at 2B this season. (Yes, I do in fact spend too much time on B-R.)

PH8 June 28, 2011

Well, I was going to use the “utility” argument – but at the end, just felt I didn’t need it, ya know?

Certainly a valuable player. Would look good in the Birds on the Bat.

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