Guess how many runs the Cards will score against the Royals, win an AnyDate Newspaper!

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Do you like free stuff?  We knew you did.

Thanks to the fine folks at AnyDate, we’re happy to be able to provide a free St. Louis Cardinals History commemorative New York Times newspaper for the lucky winner of today’s contest!

From the website, a description of this cool piece of memorabilia:

Commemorate the history of your favorite team with The New York Times Greatest Moments in St Louis Cardinals History!  This is a unique compilation of historic newspaper pages from The New York Times featuring major moments in your team’s history.  With over 60 pages of the most historic events, this newspaper makes an excellent gift or collectible for the fan who appreciates history.

That thing is cool.  You’re lucky we’re not keeping it to ourselves.

So what do you have to do to win this sucker, you might ask?

Simple.  Guess how many runs the Cardinals will score in this weekend’s series against the Kansas City Royals. Post your guess in the comments section below (with a valid e-mail address, so we can contact you if you win – no valid e-mail, no win), and the nearest guess to the actual total will win!

Here’s the best part – the deadline is the first pitch of tomorrow’s game at 1:10pm Central Time.  WE’RE GIVING YOU A HEAD START!  You can place your guess before tonight’s game, or you can wait until you know how many the Redbirds score in the Friday night tilt.

Sorry Dennis and Josh – you’re not eligible.  Maybe we should extend that to Daniel from C70 at the Bat as well, since he wins pretty much every contest here…  (Just kidding Daniel, you can enter.)

Get your guesses in below, win the AnyDate St. Louis Cardinals History Newspaper!

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Bob Netherton May 20, 2011

Since this is supposed to be the end of the world weekend, I’m thinking 6 + 6 + 6, so 18. Perhaps that might be a bit too apocalyptic. OK, I was really thinking the Cardinals are putting up a bit over 5 runs per game, so let’s round up and you still get 18.

Is that your final answer ?

Yes. 18

PH8 May 20, 2011

Oh – and in the event of two guesses that are the same, um, we’ll send something to each person with the correct guess. We’ll figure it out.

Bill Ivie May 20, 2011

I’m down…but so is the Cards run production this weekend.

Give me 10 runs and a Cards sweep.

Cardinal70 May 20, 2011

Of course, you know I’m going to enter. Then hope everyone else ignores this free giveaway because this time it’s not opinion-based and so I can’t put in 20 entries.

Looking at the schedule, you’d think the Cards would put up a lot of runs. But they’ve not seen these guys and we don’t know completely the status of Holliday and Berkman. I’m going to go conservative and say they will score 13 in the series, but I reserve the right to change my pick if they blow up (or, conversely, get shut down) tonight.

B. Hunter May 20, 2011

I’ll go with 16… It’s anybody’s guess and just a crap shoot so I’m not going to bother providing reasoning lol

Bmoz May 21, 2011

11, and they win the series showing how good their pitching is.

Dathan May 21, 2011

Eleven runs. Eight Saturday & three Sunday…which is exactly two more than Garcia will need on Sunday. Ok, honestly, who has any clue…Even as I’m sitting here typing this, I’m considering changing it to seven. Nah, eleven it is–let the hit parade begin!

Bernie May 21, 2011

I’ll take 9 runs.

Otter May 21, 2011

Um, I’m gonna go in for 9 runs total. I feel that this weekend is gonna be more of a pitcher’s matchup, but the Birds still have some bats.

dangrote May 21, 2011

Ummm, I’ll guess 12. Big offensive showing today (hopefully).

AndyAndy May 21, 2011

csrds will score 6 runs on sat @KC

David J. McCutcheon May 21, 2011

Twelve. Four today, eight tomorrow.

Erika Lynn May 21, 2011

13 runs! (I like that number because of a certain spinning shortstop… need I go on??) 😉

Trey May 21, 2011

Alright. I’m going to go with 8 runs. I’d like more but let’s just see what goes down.

Andrew Schaab May 21, 2011

12 Runs, no coherant reason

SMS_Mike May 21, 2011

I’ll take 5 runs scored by the Redbirds today, please.

SMS_Mike May 21, 2011

Aaaand since apparently I can’t read, I’ll add 4 tomorrow so a total of 9 in the series.

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