No Way Jose!

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This is about the Albert Pujols contract extension, but yet in a way it is.  The decision to avoid negotiations during the season handcuffs the team, and it certainly works against the best interests of the Cardinals.  Disagree?

The Cardinals are leading a very competitive (if highly suspect) NL Central by 1 game at this point.  What if the division is just as close as the trading deadline approaches?  Doesn’t the cost uncertainty caused by the non-existent extension create a certain degree of paralysis?  Does that mean that the Cardinals couldn’t even consider going after someone like Jose Reyes?

Sure the pricetag on Reyes will be high for a 1/2 season rental, but he’s hitting .331 with a .379 OBP with 12 stolen bases.  That line certainly trumps the .287 average, .341 OBP, and 4 stolen bases that Ryan Theriot has managed.  Sure, Reyes would then be owned the pro-rated amount of his $11M 2011 salary, but he’s also made just 2 errors in 133 chances at SS.  Just a thought.

Are you of a mindset to think a bit bigger?  Imagine then that the Cardinals could restructure Adam Wainwright‘s contract or just offer to pick up his option years outright.  The common response to that line of thinking is that it makes sense to wait until at least the end of the year to see how he is progressing.  Puhleazzze.  The team can protect itself from potential dangers with various clauses that their team of lawyers dream up.  Just do it already, and then film a Nike “Boom” commercial of Waino signing the deal and launching the pen at the camera with his left arm.  Done and done.

Want even more ginormous than that?  What about a potential deal for someone like David Wright?  How much do the Cardinals want it this year?  Do they want it enough to take on the pro-rated remainder of his $14M 2011 contract, $15M for 2012, and either $16M for 2013 or a $1M buyout?  Are they willing to pay whatever the asking price the Mets will put on the 28 year-old, 5-time All-Star 3B?  Think it over for a moment.  Is Daniel Descalso or Allen Craig the answer at 3B for the next 3 months…..or the next couple of years?  Is it Matt Carpenter eventually? 

Keep in mind that he’s only a little more than 4 months older than David Freese.  Sure, Freese is the 3B of the future, but the 3B of the future keeps getting injured.  Can the Cardinals afford Wright?  Probably not even close, but it’s at least an intriguing thought for a moment.

TIDBIT:  I don’t actually think that the Cardinals would pay the price in prospects for Reyes, but he’d make an interesting gamble for this season.  I just think that the asking price will be too high, and some team will pay it long before the trade deadline gets here. 

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StLHugo May 10, 2011

I wonder how long it will take before the Pujols for Reyes/Wright talk spins up. Will never nor should it ever happen but I wonder if anyone will try and act like it is a good idea.

Dennis May 10, 2011

It shouldn’t happen, but somebody is bound to toss the idea out there due to the potential salary matchups. The reality is that the Mets probably want/need to save some case, so it wouldn’t make sense. Besides, they already have a capable 1B as it stands (defensively anyway).

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