As the J.O.B. Spins (Mayday Release)

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While doom and gloom should never be part of any fans’ experience, the reality becomes that baseball, as in life, is sometimes rarely fair. St. Louis has overcome enough obstacles in March/April to last well into the dog days, but the powers that be have decided to throw another wrench in the plans. The Cardinals now must decide if 3B can survive platoon-style or could a former target again surface on the radar?

Today will have a slightly different feel, but the categories still apply!

J.Jack Buck, who needs no introduction. This player may be a star or the last pinch hitter off the bench but was a vocal reason for good/bad play and all that entails.

O.Ozzie Smith, perhaps the best at doing what it takes to win. But that wasn’t always the case, and the 2011 edition of the Birds on the Bat have many who fit into this category.

B.Bob Gibson, hands down the most intimidating ever from the mound. Only a hurler who goes above and beyond can make the grade and hope for some ‘Gibby-like’ praise.

David Freese needs a good luck charm. Nothing else can relate to this Jack Buck nominee except that the time off will hopefully aid in keeping his ankles rested for a long September/October run. As for what to do at the hot corner, my own idea will be brought to life in a few short paragraphs.

Much like the Wizard, Yadier Molina finds new ways to impress without making it look difficult at all. Whether it is keeping one of the bullpen’s newest hurlers calmed down or picking off a napping runner, this St. Louis defensive star deserves top billing as the Ozzie Smith performer. Now to stay with the theme, the Cardinals have to appreciate their stars willing to help, but if No. 5 or No. 4 are needed at third…not good.

Bob Gibson casts a shadow that makes anyone toeing the mound wearing the Birds on the Bat seem small in comparison. It just so happens that Eduardo Sanchez doesn’t need any help with that. Listed as the shortest and lightest pitcher on staff, the fearless rookie stepped in due to injury and has not missed a beat. He secured the victory last night to even the series and will make things very interesting once the bullpen gets back to full strength.

A lot of back and forth was debated before deciding to include this closing. The third base issue probably deserves a bigger look, but my thought is it flows well given how much of the season is left. The front office surely is looking at all angles since a few regulars are banged up, as is the player I propose to re-acquire.

Mark DeRosa cost a very good prospect not that long ago, but his value surely matches his health at this point. St. Louis needs to inquire sooner rather than later, as the price will follow the weather in the upcoming weeks. The Cardinals may have the pieces in place without making a move but only time will tell if the puzzle can be completed using the current jigsaw.

Loyal to a fault, I was taught to never give up on your team. The Cardinals have much to look forward to in '13, and my family has already planned a number of trips to Springfield and even farther up the I-44. This year will start and end with #6, however, as St. Louis will have an extra fan watching from above - RIP Stan the Man
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