Gimme Those Digits

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No, not THOSE digits.  I want the other ones….the attendance figures.  Why?  Just curious.  After watching several games, I couldn’t help but feel like the numbers were just a little low.  Was I wrong, or was there a shortage of live bodies in the seats?  (NOTE: I’m in no way implying that there were anything BUT live bodies in the seats.  No “Weekend at Bernies” thing going on in Busch.)

Check the numbers for the first 14 home games from 2010 and 2011 for yourselves, though:

  1. 46,918 – 46,368
  2. 35,883 – 38,527
  3. 35,371 – 36,414
  4. 40,101 – 32,007
  5. 43,709 – 33,666
  6. 40,007 – 34,965
  7. 35,257 – 32,340
  8. 35,587 – 33,714
  9. 35,693 – 36,160
  10. 39,561 – 40,327
  11. 39,850 – 41,877
  12. 41,536 – 38,201
  13. 43,292 – 32,635
  14. 35,875 – 32,689
  • 2010 through 14 home games:  548,640
  • 2011 through 14 home games:  509,890

If you extrapolate or just guesstimate using something called a calculator, you can come up with an estimate of 3,174,274 for 2010 and 2,950,078 for 2011.  Of course, 2010 finished up at 3,301,208, and the attendance jump can be primarily attributed to a huge jump in average paid attendance for August and early September.  During that time, the Cardinals hosted the Pirates, Astros, Cubs, Brewers, Reds, and Giants. 

Logically (perhaps assumptively), the Cardinals can expect a similar attendance bump due to summer vacation, NL rivals coming to town, improved weather (hopefully), and what I hope is a playoff chase.  The question right now is “Should the Cardinals be worried that they aren’t on track to hit the 3.3M attendance mark?” 


TIDBIT:  If you haven’t seen “Weekend at Bernies”, then please do yourself a favor and rent it.  If you have seen it, then please consider dressing up like Bernie next Halloween and having 2 friends push you around all evening.  Seriously.  The adults will get it, although some of the younger adults will probably be thinking “head shot”.

MORE BITS OF TID:  You could very well blame the attendance figures on the level of interest in the teams coming to town.  So far, the Cardinals have hosted the Padres, Pirates, Nationals, Reds, and Marlins.  However, the first homestands of 2010 started with the Astros, Braves, Mets, Reds, and the Astros again.  I’d argue to some extent that there is a qualitative difference in terms of interest level, but I don’t think that it explains the difference in attendance figures.  Of course, interleague play against a team like Toronto might be a game changer this season, so all this nail-biting might be for nothing.

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