Pitchers Hit Eighth Podcast – Episode 0.9: “Matt Holliday is good at baseball.”

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This episode is more like what Josh and I are used to.  Start out with a modest goal of chatting about Cardinals baseball for about a half-hour, and wind up closer to an hour-and-a-half.

We talked about the bullpen, Wednesday night’s game (we recorded after the last out), and Matt Holliday.  We were also joined by James from Astros County to talk about the series in general, Lance Berkman, Milo Hamilton, and what the Astros have in store for this and future seasons.

I actually did some editing to this one, trying to cut out some of the bad parts (awkward silences, bad microphone positioning leading to pops and other associated noises coming across the recording, etc) – but clearly I’m not an expert either.  You’ll have to bear with us as I learn editing as well as kick this nasty cold that you may notice in my nasally voice.

That said, we had a heck of a lot of fun – and you’ll notice that we decided to go with the second suggested name for the show – always staying positive!


The Pitchers Hit Eighth Podcast is an irregularly recorded show featuring discussion about all aspects of the St. Louis Cardinals organization, hosted by Nick and Josh from Pitchers Hit Eighth.

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