Pitchers Hit Eighth Podcast – Episode 0.75: “It’s hard as heck to defend the guy.”

by on April 20, 2011 · 5 comments

We’re slowly inching our way back into the game, and closer to Episode 1.0.

Josh and I took about thirty minutes today to discuss the first game and further attempt to polish our SKILLS in the lead-up to the big 1.0.

Have a listen to our ramblings about Jake Westbrook, Rick Ankiel, Colby Rasmus and left-handed pitching, and Ryan Franklin‘s fat pitch.


The Pitchers Hit Eighth Podcast is an irregularly recorded show featuring discussion about all aspects of the St. Louis Cardinals organization, hosted by Nick and Josh from Pitchers Hit Eighth.

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Writing about the Cardinals and other loosely associated topics since 2008, I've grown tired of the April run-out only to disappoint Cardinal fans everywhere by mid-May. I do not believe in surrendering free outs.
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Josh April 20, 2011

Ah, so the intro is my job I see. Well for Episode .975 — the whole thing will be an intro with a capital I 😉

PH8 April 21, 2011

Sounds fun!

Cardinal70 April 21, 2011

You need to find a clip of John Rooney reading off a lineup where he says, “batting eighth, the pitcher…”

PH8 April 21, 2011

Excellent idea. Josh, hop to it. 🙂

Josh April 21, 2011

Aye aye, captin. wait…

i think that could be copyrighted.

To the judges —

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