Pitchers Hit Eighth Podcast – Episode 0.5: “Hang on, we gotta do the intro, right?”

by on April 19, 2011 · 14 comments

Well, Josh and I have been talking about doing this since the end of last season, and now it’s slowly becoming a reality.

It is with great pleasure (and lots of unpolished baseball chatter) that we bring to you the Pitchers Hit Eighth Podcast (more on the name later).

Episode 0.5 is enumerated as such because Josh and I are clearly knocking off some rust as public baseball chatter goes, and eventually we hope to improve the audio quality as we get used to our new equipment and learn a thing or two about editing.  If you have suggestions for us in any capacity, please don’t hold back.

All that being said, this episode is brought to you by the words “um” and “uh”.  Sorry.

We rambled on about Ryan Franklin, the starting rotation, a possible contract extension for Chris Carpenter, clubhouse “vibes”, and various other Cardinal topics.

We hope you’ll give a listen, and then when you’re done, we hope you’ll be willing to listen to the next episode, which is bound to be improved – you know, when we actually prepare an agenda and have a plan for the show.  Heck, we may even be able to wrangle up a guest or two in coming shows!

About the name though… Pitchers Hit Eighth Podcast is fine as a name for this frivolity, but we think we can come up with something more appropriate, branch out a bit.  Or, more accurately, we think that some bright, witty mind reading the site can suggest a great name for the podcast.  And if the eventual winner is Pitchers Hit Eighth Podcast, then so be it.  But to stir the creative minds out there, we’ve got a gorgeous Eephus League Scorebook to give away to the person who comes up with the winning name for the podcast.  If you haven’t seen the Eephus League books yet, click that link – they are pretty.

So give a listen below (we’ll eventually get set up on iTunes and the like as well, and you can also download the .mp3) and submit your suggestion for the show’s name in the comments below.

Thanks as always for reading, and we hope you enjoy listening to us babble.


The Pitchers Hit Eighth Podcast is an irregularly recorded show featuring discussion about all aspects of the St. Louis Cardinals organization, hosted by Nick and Josh from Pitchers Hit Eighth.

You can follow @PitchersHit8th (Nick) and @aprfool79 (Josh) on Twitter.

If you have questions you’d like to be answered on the podcast, you can reach either via Twitter above or via the contact form.

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