PH8 in Baseball Heaven

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There are many entrances to Busch Stadium.  Most of them have big gates and people who ask for your tickets.  One of them was reserved just for the members of the United Cardinal Bloggers, and we passed by the display case above on the way through the lobby.  Yeah, it was nice.

Once we passed the magical gatekeeper and managed to make our way up the mystical up/down thingy (also called an elevator), we found ourselves in a lobby where they gave us free things.  This was primarily a group of bloggers, so I assume that the door at the end was reserved for those of us who misbehaved.  I’m fairly sure that somewhere beyond the door was some sort of special chair with a helmet used for the “re-education” process to help us learn how not to exceed the MLB sarcasm limit.  I didn’t actually keep count, but I don’t recall seeing anybody go through the door.


The mystical elevator took us to a nice conference room full of free stuff …….like chairs. 

John Mozeliak was kind enough to address the assembled crowd of basement-dwellers (sans scarf).

After a lengthy Q&A with both John and then with Derek Throneburg (Director of Ticket Development), we made our way to our suites.  Many thanks to the Cardinals for upgrading the food service from the normal hot dogs and bratwurst to the super hot dogs and ultra bratwurst….along with several premium items.  Awesome free food is indeed awesome.

Everything seemed just great until FREDBIRD CRASHED THE SUITE!!!

For the record, all credit goes to the Cardinals for putting on a great event.  Many thanks to the UCB masters as well.  Couldn’t ask for a better day.


~Nick, Josh, & Dennis.

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