2011 Opening Day Photos

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Baseball Heaven

Yep, it felt good just to walk up to the stadium knowing that real baseball would be played inside it after the long, cruel winter.  It also felt good knowing that there were plent of bathrooms inside said stadium since I’d been practically chugging water since leaving home that morning.


With Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, Red Schoendienst, Ozzie Smith, and Whitey Herzog all together, it looks like a pretty good start to the All-Time Cardinals team.  I was sorry to learn that Bruce Sutter was unable to attend due to an illness in the family, but the all-time team wouldn’t need a closer anyway.  No way Gibby wouldn’t go all nine innings.

The Man

Adding Stan Musial probably wouldn’t hurt that team, though.  I understand that he was pretty good as well.  It was great to see Stan wearing his Presidential Medal of Freedom, although the thing looked a bit heavy on him.  Must get tiring being a hero to so many.  That’s why he’s still “The Man”. 

Ernie Hays should be on that sweet ride!

When I hear “Here Comes The King” played, I always think that the Clydesdales should be pulling a loaded wagon….or a loaded set of broadcasters. 

If that bald eagle poos on my head....

So many birds all in a row….

Just waiting for flying Elvis impersonators to jump...

The flyover during the National Anthem was a nice touch.  Next year I hope they upgrade to either hovercraft or the ship from Firefly.

mini-Edmonds got game

Jim Edmonds did alright, although I still maintain that throwing the ball from CF was a better idea.  Still, it was great to see that mini-Edmonds has game, and he’s also scrappy.  Sign him now!

Sneak beakage is uncool

Fredbird was in search of his next victim.  Little did I know that his next victim would be me.  Silly bird walked past me, and I thought I was safe……then I got “beaked”.  I’m still traumatized. 

Awesome Mary is awesome! #winner

Several people walked away with PH8 swag, and Mary was kind enough to smile for the camera and show off the awesomeness that is a PH8 tshirt made from fabric sourced from Mars, magically stitched at Hogwarts, and shipped by teleporting jackelope.  Special stuff.

Don't ever do this, kids. Ever.

Um….yeah.  Froggy, Bunny, Lamb Chop, and Scooby were seated a little too close to me for my own comfort.

TIDBIT:  I never got the opportunity to even tweet about my location during the day in order to give away swag.  In the time it took me to walk just over a block (between Hooters and Shannons), 3 different people spotted me (or the giant “Pitchers 8” on the back of my hoodie) and won stuff.  Note:  It’s a bit disorienting to hear people randomly yell “Pitchers Hit 8th” as though it’s a battle cry from Braveheart while you are walking through a group of several thousand people.  Take my word on it.

REMINDER:  All photos are property of some the PH8 site, and any re-transmission, re-broadcast, reuse, recycling, stealing, Photoshopping, editing, modifying, abduction by alien editors is prohibited by intergalactic law or something like that.  In other words, don’t steal our stuff.  Just ask for it, and we’ll be happy to charge your an exorbitant rate, or we’ll gladly exchange the original images for free food. 

Like it?  Wish you had gone to the game with Froggy, Bunny, Lamb Chop, and Scooby?  Follow gr33nazn on Twitter, and maybe we can all plan ahead for next year’s opening day!  (I’d go as Lamb Chop!)

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