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I’m usually hesistant to predict individual awards, because there is about a 20% chance of getting any of them correct, and I’m all about hitting the 1/4 mark.  Then again, this is for the UCB, and I’ll gladly sacrifice quality for quantity in the name of the UCB.

American League

National League

Let me make a few things abundantly clear.  The difference between Teixeira and A-Gon at 1B is miniscule at best.  At peak performance, A-Gon is better, but Tex is far more consistent year-over-year.  I think the difference between the two in 2011 depends on who is throwing the ball to them on the infield.  As long as the Boston infield stays healthy, I believe that the incoming throw quality is about equal, and A-Gon has a shot to win based on his individual work at 1B.

Albert Pujols is NOT the best defensive 1B in the NL, but he makes his sometimes terrible infield throws look just fine.  Ike Davis deserves a lot more consideration for this award than he’ll get as long as Albert is playing in St. Louis.

Finally, I don’t believe Carlos Gonzalez ever deserved a Gold Glove award for making a half-dozen highlight plays last season.  He makes highlight plays, because he doesn’t have the range that speedy outfielders do.  Check the range and zone numbers on him.  At least he hit well enough to earn a GG, though. 😉

TIDBIT:  Ryan Zimmerman got robbed.  I had them 3rd behind Polanco and Rolen, but I went back and took a closer look.  I think he’ll do even better this season.

Like it?  Do you think I’ll get even 20% correct?  Follow gr33nazn on Twitter and remind me of this one at the end of the season!

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Leffty March 25, 2011

Rough outing from Garcia yesterday:


Good thing it’s only March

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