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On the morning of January 19th, I started collecting links – as many as I can find with minimal effort – that discuss the Albert Pujols contract discussions. Why? Who knows, yet here they are. Oh, and to serve you all, our three loyal readers! The Daily Pujols certainly won’t be a comprehensive list, but between local, national, and blog coverage, maybe you’ll find something here you otherwise wouldn’t. Without further delay, here is today’s Daily Pujols…

So in the completely unexpected department, The Daily Pujols was mentioned in a piece by Jon Morosi on today. (Thanks Jon!) It occurs to me however, that the nature of Morosi’s article lumped The DP in with hysteria and anxiety regarding the possibility of Albert Pujols not re-upping with the Cardinals.  On the contrary, this assemblage of links was started as my tongue-in-cheek way of kind of poking fun at the ridiculous amount of chatter on the interwebz about the Pujols contract, and I thought (hoped?) that sarcasm came through.  Maybe?  Maybe not?  Readers, did you get that? Anyway, we appreciate the cap tip from Mr. Morosi nonetheless, and will continue.  On with the links!


CHILL OUT!  Claibs has spoken.

Joe Strauss might as well rename his chat to “Albert Pujols Insanity Half-Hour to Hour, Depending on the Day”.

An excellent use of ‘flapdoodle’ at Aaron Miles’ Fastball.

Viva El Birdos with some similar thoughts to those expressed by yours truly over at Press Coverage last week.

Seth Herrold at the Trenton (MO) Republican-Times thinks it best for the Cards to call Pujols’ bluff, as it were.  Let him see that they aren’t just going to pay him because he’s AP, and find out if that checks him.  I don’t think it’s an awful position to take.

Dennis tries to talk reason into the fanbase.  Is this a fanbase that can be reasoned with?  You tell me – see “comments” section below.


OMG!  It’s a poll!  Go vote!  Is Pujols worth $300mm?

Some hermit at the Wall Street Journal says “For whatever reason, the Albert Pujols contract drama in St. Louis has been vastly underplayed outside Missouri” – uh, come again?

Jay Greeson, Chattanooga Times Free Press.  Remember that name.  I doubt you will find another genius able to squeeze Bruce Pearl and Albert Pujols into the same article.  Ever.

Jon Heyman says that there’s no way a deal gets done.  I’m starting to keep a tally of folks this sure of themselves, just in case.

Drew Silva finally says what I’ve been thinking at Hardball Talk.  If you think that the Red Sox and Yankees will recuse themselves from Pujols bidding, I think you are insane.  I like you, but I think you’re insane.

Jason Rosenberg of IIATMS and sometimes ESPN’s SweetSpot says the same.  It only takes one of the Yanks or Red Sox to flinch and they’re both in the race.

Joe Frisaro of the Marlins beat for answers a question about Albert Pujols.  Again.

More “how could Pujols leave the Cardinals?” from Hal Bodley at  For money Hal, that’s how.

Pujols to the Orioles?  Why not, right Matt Vensel?  Seriously, could we rule any team out at this point?

More – this time Alden Gonzalez tries to save face for Pujols and Michael Young in the same article.  Brave man.  (I kid, I kid.) (Kind of.)

The aforementioned Mr. Heyman, with a less-inspiring follow-up.  I stopped reading here: “One person, not involved in the negotiations, said he heard…”  Goodness that sounds like some awe-inspiring credibility.

For something new, Matt Holliday has offered to defer further monies if it will help the club re-sign Pujols.  Kudos, Matty.  You know how to play the St. Louis fans.  While I don’t doubt Holliday’s offer is sincere, this (over-arching, not this comment specifically) is also a reason why Holliday will eventually be viewed as one of the greats to wear the Cardinal red.  Book it.


Mets Merized piles on to the Pujols -for- Ryan Howard rumors.

At The Hardball Times, Anna McDonald says the Cards can win with reasonable strategies and NO Albert Pujols.  They have Matt Holliday.  Read up, it’s worth it.

Finally, celebrated blogger Murray Chass chimes in.  Chass does well to discuss one topic that’s floated around the periphery in the Pujols negotiations, the one of partial franchise ownership in contract negotiations.  But he out-Olney’s Buster Olney, and out-Heyman’s Jon Heyman on this line… “I heard that figure from someone who heard it from a fellow who lives in St. Louis and is well-connected with the team’s owners.” That has to be a joke, right?  Heard this:  from someone who Heard this: from some guy who lives in St. Louis: cuts DeWitt’s lawn.  My goodness, this is silly.  Way to be an enabler, Jon Morosi.


Have more Pujols links to share?  Post them in the comments below!

Want to read the previous Dailies?  You can find them all here.

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Chris February 12, 2011

Regarding Morosi leading off his piece with the Daily Pujols — all publicity is good publicity, right? Although I think if he would have read any of the updates, he would have gotten the point of them.

Josh February 12, 2011

Almost all pub is good but at least this member of PH8 will throw a party once the deadline has passed. Said shindig will continue until April 1st, when both sides announce the deal and laugh at pretty much everyone.

PH8 February 12, 2011

Oh trust me, I’ve got no complaints. Just clarifying. 🙂

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