The Daily Pujols – 02.06.2011 Weekend Edition

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On the morning of January 19th, I started collecting links – as many as I can find with minimal effort – that discuss the Albert Pujols contract discussions. Why? Who knows, yet here they are. Oh, and to serve you all, our three loyal readers! The Daily Pujols certainly won’t be a comprehensive list, but between local, national, and blog coverage, maybe you’ll find something here you otherwise wouldn’t. Without further delay, here is today’s Daily Pujols…


Jeff Wilson of The Southern Illinoisian discusses the ‘personal’ aspects of keeping Pujols with the Cardinals, and even offers wild speculation about the Cardinals’ team finances as support!

Joe Strauss reports that Pujols is reportedly growing disappointed with the progress of negotiations and… who am I kidding, you’ve read this already.

Strauss with more, this time advancing the notions that Pujols is unlikely to offer a discount (makes sense) and that the Cardinals might not want to bid against themselves by offering an extension without knowing what other teams would offer (a huge gamble, but also makes some sort of sense).

According to Mark Tupper, Pujols has broken his “code of silence” about his contract.  Some dudes in Decatur apparently know what’s going on.  Where are you at on this one, Ken Rosenthal?!?!

Both KMOX and KSDK covered this weekend’s Pujols Rally at Busch III.  Will it help?  We should all paint our bodies and wait to find out.


CBS Los Angeles covers possible destinations for Albert Pujols, including the Los Angeles Dodgers – you know, that team whose ownership is soon to be decided by a divorce court, awarding the team to one of two parties neither of which will have any money left.  I’m terrified.


I’m glad I didn’t gloss over this post from David Pinto at Baseball Musings as just another recap of Strauss’ article.  Pinto sums up my recent feelings on the Pujols contract quite succinctly.  Must read.

I was hopeful that this would happen, and Socratic Gadfly delivered.  Yes, it’s the Jim Edmonds-signing-is-a-hardbinger-of-Lance Berkman-to-first-base-when-Pujols-is-traded conspiracy theory.  So strong.

Jays Journal takes an interesting approach to the “AP to the Blue Jays” meme, not only speculating upon signing him after 2011, but also what could the Jays *trade* to the Cardinals to acquire the Mang?


Have more Pujols links to share?  Post them in the comments below!

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SocraticGadfly February 8, 2011

Glad I was so strong on that one! On financials, I argue against Jeff Gordon’s talk of how fans will back the stadium no matter what and say that, if it’s a diff between 2.4 million and 3.2 million, DeWitt will lose money if he doesn’t give Pujols even $30M.

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