The Daily Pujols – 01.30.2011 (The Weekend Edition)

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On the morning of January 19th, I started collecting links – as many as I can find with minimal effort – that discuss the Albert Pujols contract discussions. Why? Who knows, yet here they are. Oh, and to serve you all, our three loyal readers! The Daily Pujols certainly won’t be a comprehensive list, but between local, national, and blog coverage, maybe you’ll find something here you otherwise wouldn’t. Without further delay, here is today’s Daily Pujols…


Eugene at 85% Sports lays out his plans for getting Albert to re-up, including a list of all nine-figure contracts to-date in MLB.

Cardinal Diamond Diaries’ Erika doesn’t want to hear about Albert Pujols and his contract anymore.  Sorry Erika.  This post (and every other day’s DP, for that matter) probably isn’t for you.

Dan Moore of Viva El Birdos writes for SB Nation St. Louis that many sportswriters are rehashing, repeating, and re-speculating the same words to print new columns, trading profitably on the Pujols contract negotiations.  Don’t give me that look.

Brian Walton makes mince-meat of the “trade veto” garbage you’ll see below.  Saves me from writing it up, and Brian does a better job than I would’ve anyway.


Buster Olney writes at, implying that “sources” “within” “the” “Cardinals” “front” “office” (just picture Buster making air quotes while reading that, it’ll make sense) tell him Pujols would reject any trade involving the first baseman, invoking his five-and-ten rights, per MLB’s Collective Barganing Agreement.  Shocking news.  I wonder if anyone else will pick up on this…

Business Insider, Sporting News,,,, Funkmaster Flex (um, what?), The Scores Report,, Jay Was Here, Socratic Gadfly, (nice work, locals!), MLB Trade Rumors, Peoria Journal Star,,, Off Base Percentage, and many more I’m certain I failed to catch in my web of Pujols.  Whew! posted a poll asking what would happen with Pujols, and the OBVIOUSLY didn’t get the memo about not wanting to be traded.  Sheesh.

NESN then proceeds to catch up, but they still haven’t edited the previous poll.  Amateurs.

Phil Rogers mails one in at the Chicago Tribune.  See above.

Gregg Doyel at chastises Cardinal management for letting things arrive at this point, saying Pujols should’ve had a new deal long ago and inferring that the Cards can afford it without issue.


Everyone was busy latching onto Olney’s stuff – see above.


Have more Pujols links to share?  Post them in the comments below!

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