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Since it seems that many of us are still looking for ways to pass the time until spring training, I thought that some really easy Cardinals trivia might be in order. 


  1. Which player was 4th on the team in home runs behind Pujols, Holliday, and Rasmus?
  2. Which pitcher had the highest batting average among all pitchers with a minimum of 40 at-bats?
  3. Which player was caught stealing the most times in 2010?
  4. Of players with 50+ at bats against left handed pitchers, who had the highest batting average vs LHPs?
  5. Of players with 50+ at bats against right handed pitchers, who had the highest batting average vs RHPs?
  6. Which player was 2nd on the team in walks in away games with 30?
  7. Name 3 of the top 4 most frequent strikeout victims on the 2010 team.
  8. Of Jeff Suppan, Jake Westbrook, and Kyle McClellan, which one pitched the most innings in 2010 for the Cardinals?
  9. Which pitcher led the team in strikeouts per 9 innings?
  10. Adam Wainwright led the team with 20 wins.  Who was 4th on the team with 6 wins?
  11. Of the non-pitchers (Aaron Miles, Joe Mather, Felipe Lopez) who pitched a combined 4 innings, who was the only one to give up an earned run?
  12. Which player led the team in RBIs with runners in scoring position and 2 outs?
  13. Which player led the team in batting average with runners in scoring position and 2 outs (minimum 30 at-bats)?
  14. Which player had the highest batting average with the bases loaded (minimum 5 at-bats)?
  15. Which player led the team in pitches/plate appearance (no minimum number of at-bats)?
  16. Which player led the team in pitches/plate appearance (minimum of 100 at-bats)?
  17. What was the team’s record against the rest of the NL Central?
  18. How many MLB teams had a higher paid attendance than the Cardinals in 2010?
  19. Name 2 of the 5 teams the Cardinals played during interleague play?
  20. How many players on the 40-man roster were born in Canada?

Just to make this interesting, I actually wrote the questions BEFORE researching the answers.  I’d like to brag and say that I managed a respectable score, but I did not.  I scored a 15/20, but I did already know the answers to 3 of the really tough ones before giving it a go.   Please remember that you are on the honor system here.  Anything above 10/20 is really good.  Feel free to point out any mistakes.  The research staff here at PH8 is ready for offseason hibernation, so there is an increased likelihood of a ginormous derp.


  1. Ryan Ludwick (11)
  2. Jaime Garcia (.185)
  3. Colby Rasmus (8)
  4. David Freese (.357)
  5. Albert Pujols (.314)
  6. Colby Rasmus
  7. Colby Rasmus (148), Matt Holliday (93), Felipe Lopez (77), Albert Pujols (76)
  8. Kyle McClellan (75.1), Jake Westbrook (75.0), Jeff Suppan (70.1)
  9. Jason Motte (9.29 K/9)
  10. Ryan Franklin
  11. Joe Mather
  12. Matt Holliday (31 RBI in 85 at-bats, .282 avg.)
  13. Albert Pujols (23 RBI in 50 at-bats, .340 avg.)
  14. Yadier Molina (.533, 15 at-bats)
  15. Dennys Reyes (6.50 P/PA)
  16. Colby Rasmus (4.05 P/PA)
  17. 39-39
  18. 7 (Phillies, Red Sox, Twins, Cubs, Giants, Angels, Yankees)
  19. Royals, A’s, Blue Jays, Mariners, Angels
  20. 1 – Blake Hawksworth (North Vancouver, Canada)
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William October 30, 2010

For my own edification, where do you get the pitches per plate appearances data? For some reason, I can never find it.

Dennis November 1, 2010

There are several sites that have it, but I usually grab stats from ESPN’s site. The expanded batting stats for each team includes P/PA for each player.

William November 1, 2010

Thank! I never go to ESPN for stats, but will have to check that out. Really appreciate the comeback.

Dennis November 1, 2010

No problem. I used to avoid ESPN for stats as well, but then I realized that the site separates qualifying and non-qualifying players, so that’s a nice bonus when you need to eliminate players who have played very few games. Thanks for reading PH8.

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