Could Cardinals finish below .500?

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I realize this probably isn’t a novel thought for most of you, but this team’s tailspin in August and September has been truly epic.

To wit:

The Cards have played .333 ball since the “season-turning sweep” in Cincinnati (well, it was, just not in the direction we all thought).  That’s a 10-20 clip over the thirty games they have played.

With nineteen games remaining, continuing to play .333 baseball would leave the Cards with six wins (I guess if you’re optimistic you could round up, but it’s less than a half-win more than six) and a final record of 80-82.


Not even the most optimistic Cubs fan would’ve called that before the season started.

To pile on to the impending doom, Albert Pujols sat out last night’s game with elbow tendinitis.  At what point do the Cardinals decide to just shut him down for the season?  The team isn’t going to the playoffs, surely they must know that by now.  Pujols isn’t going to win the Triple Crown – heck, he may not win the MVP.  If they intend to sign him to that healthy contract extension, it may be wise to protect their investment now.

Last dagger?  Ten of the remaining nineteen are against teams with records below .500 already.  That might climb to eleven depending on what the Marlins do in their next handful of games.  The Cards are playing .482 ball against losing teams.


Has anyone seen that schedule for 2011 yet?

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