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With little time remaining before the beginning of an important series for the Cardinals, I did want to provide you with SOME reading – even if it’s from the other team’s perspective.

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of similar things being said on both sides of this battle.  Lots of “must-win” type of phrases being thrown about, lots of talk about how the Reds haven’t been in a series of this magnitude for a while (while Cards fans are bemoaning that the Cards can’t *win* a series of this magnitude with _insert current Cardinal team-wide malaise here_ happening), and also plenty of agreement that the series should provide great baseball.

From the Reds blogs…

Chris Sabo’s GogglesAlert Status Red

If you live in Cincinnati, go out and support your team this week. This team is for real.

No doubt about that, and Edinson Volquez‘ return has only made them moreso.

WhackReds – “IT’S TIME.” (The Cardinals are coming to town)

The Reds could set themselves far apart from second place during St. Louis’ last visit to Cincinnati this season. Currently two games up on the Cards, and a season-high sixteen games above the .500 mark, the next three days will be epic, indeed.

Indeed.  When I prognosticated during our pre-season NL Central predictions that “The largest challenge to the Cards will come from either the Cubs or the Cincinnati Reds,” little did I know how pesky these Reds would become.  All it takes is a little positive reinforcement (read: winning some) and they suddenly have all the confidence and swagger of those mid-2000 Cardinal teams.  Actually, they almost have all the players from those teams now, right?

Red Reporter – “This Reds-Cards Series is Kind of a Big Deal”

What I mean is, these three games might be the most impassioned and intense games we have ever seen at GABP. Heck, this may be the most energized series we’ve seen during the regular season in Cincinnati since the 1990 season. It’s hard to find a comparable series in the last 2 decades where the Reds have played with first place on the line in August or September, and with the fans are latching on to that excitement.

Do these three games mean more to Reds fans than to Cards fans?  I don’t mean that to sound insulting, but after all, as mentioned – the Reds have gone a long time without excitement exactly like this series surrounding their ballclub.  We Cardinal fans on the other hand are beside ourselves that the ‘Birds haven’t already run away with the division.  Teams (and unsatiated fanbases) that are desperate for a winner and hungry for more important baseball can be dangerous.

Redleg NationCardinals at Reds August Series Preview

Although the Cardinals boast the pocket aces, the Reds have better overall rotation and pitching depth. A key for them will be to get into the St Louis bullpen. Tony La Russa was quoted as saying his bullpen was “on fumes” heading into the off-day, and unfortunately for the Reds, they got plenty of rest over the weekend. The Cardinals bullpen was only called on to pitch once in the past 4 days.

Here’s hoping the extra rest has done the bullpen well.  Lest we forget, there’s already some blame to be laid with the Cards’ bullpen when it comes to late-game struggles versus the Reds.

Finally, the great Hal McCoyBring on the Cards and let the fun begin

Remember this, though. It isn’t the end-all. It won’t decide the fate of either team. If the Reds sweep, it doesn’t mean it’s over. If the Reds are swept, it doesn’t mean it’s over. There still will be a month-and-a-half of baseball to be played – tons of time for lots positive and lots negative to unfurl.

As he often does, Hal lays it out there with appropriate perspective.  Still a lot of baseball to be played, but you can bet both of these teams are amped.

Go Cards!

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