Baseball Bloggers Alliance: 2010 National League All-Star Ballot

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As part of a Baseball Bloggers Alliance Project, Josh, Andrew and I cast our ballots for the 2010 National League All-Star team.

In order to keep things simple, two out of three votes was a lock, no need for further discussion. We managed to lock up all but one outfield position in that voting manner.

Without further delay, the PH8 National League All-Stars:

Catcher – Brian McCann, Atlanta Braves

Nick: Sorry Cards fans, Yadier Molina will always be in this discussion, but McCann deserves this – and it’s not about a “cumulative achievement” award. McCann deserves it for the way he’s played in 2010.

Josh (voting for Miguel Olivo): Maybe this guy should be getting more credit as Jimenez cruises towards the Cy Young.

First Base – Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals

Nick: Ok, two apologies in a row is not a good way to start, but I didn’t vote for Pujols either. Josh and Andrew overruled my vote, but I chose Adrian Gonzalez. Again, if we’re talking strictly about who is having a better 2010 – AGonz.

Josh: [Pujols is] still the best player in baseball, hands down.

Second Base – Chase Utley, Philadelphia Phillies

(Josh voted for Brandon Phillips)

Third Base – Ryan Zimmerman, Washington Nationals

(Josh voted for David Wright)

Shortstop – Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado Rockies

Nick: Tulo is having the best National League shortstop season so far, can’t penalize him for recent injury.

Josh (voting for Hanley Ramirez): Really wanted Tulo here but injuries have been big for this position all year.

Outfield – Matt Holliday, St. Louis Cardinals

Nick: Given the benefit of voting after his recent hitting binge, he compares pretty favorably, eh?

Outfield – Marlon Byrd, Chicago Cubs

(All three votes, the only unanimous selection.)

Outfield – Aubrey Huff, San Francisco Giants

Nick: I’m pulling rank on this one – I think Huff really compares favorably to the options presented by Josh and Andrew. Sorry guys!

Josh: Corey Hart, MIL — leading the league in HR’s gets you into the Derby and into my starting lineup!

(Josh also voted for Adam Dunn in the OF, unfortunately, Dunn has been at first base all season for the Nats.)

(Andrew voted for Josh Willingham from the Nationals, also a reasonable selection.)

Starting Pitcher – Ubaldo Jimenez, Colorado Rockies

(Andrew voted for Roy Halladay)

Nick: Ubaldo has been virtually unhittable. Just can’t see a vote for anyone else here.

Josh: Some guy named Ubaldo who should pitch 7-8 innings — talking to you Charlie Manuel!


So there you have it, the 2010 PH8 NL All-Stars! Check at Baseball Bloggers Alliance for the full ballot results!

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