Chris Carpenter doesn’t pitch well angry

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For the sake of his pitching success, Chris Carpenter needs to chill out…

To wit-

09.18.2005 – 4 innings pitched, 4 earned runs

10.07.2009 – 5 innings pitched, 4 earned runs

04.21.2010 – 7 innings pitched, 3 earned runs

05.13.2010 – 8 innings pitched, 4 earned runs

Carp is a fierce competitor, no doubt, but his tendency to take umbrage with other hitters is beginning to become a more regular occurrence and continues to affect his pitching.

He’s carrying a 5.63 ERA in the four games referenced above.  Took a loss in two and was deserving of it in the ’05 game.

The 2005 game was against the Cubs, after which Carpenter said:

“I didn’t make very many good pitches in the second inning.”

After Game One of the 2009 NLDS, then-Dodgers pitcher Randy Wolf addressed Carpenter’s shouting at him:

“I don’t see him as an egotistical guy, and I respect what he’s done in the game,” Wolf said. “What he said really didn’t bother me. It’s the heat of battle. And certainly the last thing I’m going to do is try to show somebody up.”

Carp admitted he was out of control earlier this season after trying to run down Kelly Johnson during a double-play:

“That was my fault,” he said. “It was an unprofessional move. I shouldn’t have done it. I told [Arizona first-base coach] Matt Williams at first to tell Kelly that it was unprofessional and I shouldn’t have done that. I was in a position where I didn’t control my emotions enough to not do something stupid.”

Furthermore, Carp went on to address the affect of the Diamondbacks incident on his pitching:

… He admitted that the incident affected his pitching for the next couple of innings. He was touched for two runs in the third and two hits in the fourth, though he escaped the latter inning without a run.”I was struggling to control my emotions for a few innings, yeah,” he said.

After yesterday’s incident, Carp was sticking to his guns:

“It wasn’t a big deal,” St. Louis’ ace said. “I don’t know why it turned into a big deal. Things happen. I said something, he said something. He kept coming at it. He’s the one that caused everybody to come out, not me. I was just telling him there’s no need for it.”

There’s no need for your act either, Carp.  Fact is, the over-the-top reactions to hitters’ behavior and flaring temper is affecting your performance and costing your team games.

Time to get over your bruised ego and pitch like Cardinal fans know you’re capable of.  Be happy that Carlos Lee just popped out on a pitch that you must not have thrown very well, rather than grooving one to Hunter Pence.

I’m sure I’m forgetting more instances of Crazed Carpenter – what are your favorite implosions?

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Steve Judd May 14, 2010

Amen brother!
We don’t want Carpenter becoming another pitcher who can not control his emotions out on the mound, (ie. Carlos Zambrano). He should just go out and pitch his game.

PH8 May 17, 2010

Well, I’m not sure he’s approaching Zambrano-style crazy yet – but I think I prefer it when he keeps his composure (relatively speaking) and wins ballgames himself.

RedBirdsGang June 3, 2010

Carpenter is a great competitor and wants to win that’s for sure. I completely agree that he needs to keep his composure on the mound as it shows when he doesn’t. With that said he is one of the best pitchers in the game. That side movement he gets on his fastball amazes me.

PH8 June 5, 2010

His pitching isn’t the issue. His pitching when his mind is on how he was “disrespected” is. Just chill Chris.

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