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While I don’t necessarily agree with all of the feigned hatred toward the Cubs that the author of this essay appears to hold (after all, how can you really hate a team that struggles like the Cubs? zing!) – it rings at least somewhat true for me, likewise living “in the land of the enemy.”

I count many Cub fans as dear friends, and as such, we maintain our own internal “discussions” and arguments about the rivalry – but for the most part, when anyone else wearing blue tries to heckle me for my choice to be a fan of the Cards, one of two simple responses almost always suffice:


Or, also appropriate:


[St. Louis Magazine: A Cardinals Fan in Cubs Land]

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Cardinal70 April 6, 2010

Must be too tired. For some reason, I don’t see the link.

PH8 April 6, 2010

It links directly to the essay from the front page of the site – I forgot to include it within the actual post though. There now.

SMS_Mike April 6, 2010

Maybe it’s my perspective out here on the left coast, but I’ve never gotten overly worked up about the Cubs. The Mets were our rivals in the NL East when I became ‘baseball literate’, and the Astros have been much more our competitive rival in the division these last 15 years.

The Cubs? Whatever. When they win a NL Pennant maybe I’ll change my mind.

Josh April 7, 2010

Much like in major media today, it has a lot to do with where you live. I grew up hating the Cubs because of WGN. Everything centered around the baby bears while the Cards played second fiddle in most of the Midwest. Now the tables are turned given St. Louis has the game’s best player, manager, fanbase…well, everything!

Yup going to keep being a homer 😀

PH8 April 7, 2010

Did you read the first comment on the essay?

This is where I wonder if there isn’t truly a bit of an inferiority complex at play.

Sure, the Cards have largely been better than the Cubs, so St. Louis fans have that – but the Windy City arguably holds most other advantages over the Gateway City, no?

The Cubs had WGN because their market would support it long before the appearance of a FSMW and the like. Were Cubs fans jealous of the Cards’ superior radio on KMOX?

PH8 April 7, 2010

Maybe it’s all manufactured? After all, when a team dominates a division like the Cards have the NL Central for the last decade, there’s not much of a ‘rivalry’ to speak of with any team, right?

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