Link: Morgan Ensberg – “Lidge vs. Pujols: I was in the wrong spot”

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Former MLBer Morgan Ensberg is attempting to transition into broadcasting, now that his playing career is over.  As such, he’s been reaching out to anyone who will read what he has to write, both at his new blog and on Twitter (@MorganEnsberg).

Reading his “insider” accounts and knowledge about the game is refreshing, but today’s was particularly interesting, given the topic.

From Ensberg’s entry:

What’s my point?

Eckstein’s hit in the “5–6″ hole was the difference in the game.  I was not positioned properly at third base.

Why does it matter?

If Eckstein get’s on base, Lidge had to face the lefty Edmonds. In 2004 and 2005, Edmonds hit 4 home runs into the left field Crawford Boxes.   Behind Edmonds is Pujols, the best hitter the game has ever seen.

[Morgan Ensberg’s Baseball IQ: Lidge vs. Pujols: I was in the wrong spot]

(hat tip to @MorganEnsberg, @C70, @robneyer, and others on Twitter)

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Cardinal70 March 15, 2010

I hoping we can recruit Morgan into the BBA after a few months. He said he wanted to get this blogging thing figured out, but I think he has.

PH8 March 15, 2010

He’s got better stories to draw on than the rest of us, I reckon – but yeah, he’s doing well putting them to words. 🙂

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