UCB Roundtable Response: Be a fan of any MLB team

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[Ed. note: Once or twice throughout the season, the United Cardinal Bloggers undertake a roundtable discussion via e-mail that involves and answers various questions from the bloggers taking part over the course of a few weeks. We’ve spent most of our writing time answering those questions and taking part in those discussions (gladly, I might add), so figured they are fair game to post here – not to mention trying to gain a little exposure for both the project as well as some other blogs you all should be reading.]

Jack Kelly from Thoughts About Cardinals asks:

If you were dropped on planet Earth an expert on baseball but with no favorite team, what team would you most enjoy watching? Would it be the Cardinals or would it be another team and why?

As I believe someone mentioned already earlier, it would probably depend on *where* I was dropped on the earth.  Obviously I’ve got little to go on, since my loyalties developed young and I only lived around St. Louis growing up, but sports are a very locally driven thing.

That being said, I could see myself being a Rayshead.  I admire the Rays for their style of play and they have so much young exciting talent that I would enjoy watching develop and grow into a perennial contender (as the Rays should do fairly easily).

I also admire members of the management team of the Rays – Andrew Friedman and Joe Maddon specifically – and believe that despite the small market locale, the Rays have some smart folks working for them now and are on the right track to being a model organization.

So what’re the chances that the Cards can lure Maddon away when TLR calls it quits? 🙂

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