UCB Roundtable Response: Breakout Cardinal and Why Do You Write?

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[Ed. note: Once or twice throughout the season, the United Cardinal Bloggers undertake a roundtable discussion via e-mail that involves and answers various questions from the bloggers taking part over the course of a few weeks. We’ve spent most of our writing time answering those questions and taking part in those discussions (gladly, I might add), so figured they are fair game to post here – not to mention trying to gain a little exposure for both the project as well as some other blogs you all should be reading.]

Mike Metzger from Stan Musial’s Stance asks:

I couldn’t decide between these 2 questions, so I figured, ask them both!

1.  Which Cardinal do you expect to have a big 2010 season and why?  And you can’t pick AP, he has a big season every year.

2.  There are millions of Cardinal fans across the country and around the world, but only a handful decided to write, either professionally or for fun, about the team.  What compelled you to start writing about the Cardinals?  Or for our professional brethren, what led you to a career in sports journalism?

1.  Brad Penny. Let’s see, a pitcher with something to prove after a couple of rough seasons.  Dave Duncan finally getting hold of one of his desired pet projects.  Penny’s already working on throwing his sinker more, and likely more effectively.  I reckon we’re going to see another one-year contract pitcher leave for greener pastures and never replicate the magic he had with Dunc.  When will these fellas learn?

2.  As a displaced Cardinals fan – displaced in the worst of alternative locales, Chicago – I started Pitchers Hit Eighth in the spring of 2008 primarily as a means of forcing myself to keep up with the Redbirds.  I purchased the domain, installed a blogging platform, purchased my MLB.tv subscription, and I was off and running.  Certainly didn’t expect it to balloon into the daily obsession for me that it is now.

[You can read the remainder of the responses to this roundtable question by going to the main post at Stan Musial’s Stance.]

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