Off-season? Time to mess with the site

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The doldrums of winter, with no regular baseball to watch, generally lends itself to filling time with something other than writing – if for no other reason than a lack of things to write about.

Here, that typically means futzing around with the site structure, engine, and appearance.

To that end, I want to bring your attention to some of the most recent futzing.

1.  Undertook a huge clean up project to reduce the number of categories on the site, as well as the tags.  Categories now are more general, like Current Cardinals or Minor League Cardinals.  Tags will drill you down to more specific posts, like a specific player name like Skip Schumaker or Yadier Molina.

2.  With the change in site structure and the way you (the reader) will link to older posts, I’ve moved the Categories drop-down menu and added a similar Tags menu at the very top of the sidebars:

There are also tag clouds on both the Archives page and at the bottom of every page on the site in the brand spanking new…

3.  …Footer!  Been looking to add the footer for a while now, never was really sure what we could put in there, and it figures to be dynamic for a little while to determine what does or doesn’t work best down there.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and check it out.

4.  ‘Read a Random Post’ is over there in the far right sidebar.  We’ve managed to build up a pretty significant history of posts now in almost two years, and instead of having them all become buried treasure, now they are available in the sidebar on a rotating basis – making it very easy for you all to see just how wrong PH8 was about several topics and ridicule.

5.  I mention these items only because you are certain to see them, so they deserve mention – I’ve added a ‘Donate’ button for PayPal at the bottom of the sidebar and an affiliate link to the creators of our design framework, Thesis, in the sidebar.  While you loyal readers (all three of you), are certainly under no obligation to click on either, your support of Pitchers Hit Eighth in either case is much appreciated.  If you’ve got a blog that you wish to redesign, Thesis is awesome – again, it’s the basis of our site here.  If you find PH8 strangely adds value to your daily routine and wish to make a PayPal donation, that is much appreciated as well.  Any funds we’ve accumulated so far have been put toward hosting and domain registration, and general upgrades to the site.  Now that Josh and Andrew are on board, I’d love to be able to thank them for their contributions to the site by kicking back some tickets or other useful stuff to them.  Thanks for reading this item, I won’t mention this stuff again unless absolutely necessary.

6.  I’ve added links to the Baseball Bloggers Alliance member sites, I’ve updated the blogrolls in the sidebars, and I’ve added a ‘Friends of PH8’ section.  I’ve made some calls on Twitter already, I’ll do the same here – if you aren’t in the blogroll and wish to be, send me an e-mail or post in the comments below, and we’ll get you on there.

Thanks again for reading here, we hope to keep you entertained as another great season of Cardinals baseball takes off soon.  As always, if you have suggestions for improvements to the site and/or our writing, let us know.

Writing about the Cardinals and other loosely associated topics since 2008, I've grown tired of the April run-out only to disappoint Cardinal fans everywhere by mid-May. I do not believe in surrendering free outs.
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