BBA HoF Ballot Discussion: Barry Larkin

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Barry Larkin

Nick: You want to lead off with this one? I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Premium position, extended career of solid, but not spectacular numbers… One MVP to help boost his candidacy.

Amazing how much I forget about these players whose cards I still have stashed away in an attic somewhere, nasty gum stains and all…

Josh: Barry Larkin probably will be inducted one day, possibly even by the Vet’s committee. I was never as high on him as others, but our previous discussion about Andre Dawson should be taken into consideration. With that in mind, I’m interested to hear if you think the career Red has done enough to make it. I feel the numbers are strong but not for first ballot consideration.

Nick: Now that I’ve been through the rest of the candidates – Alan Trammell included – it becomes more clear for me.

Larkin excelled both offensively and defensively, albeit injury-prone, during his career.

He outperformed both Trammell and Ozzie Smith as a “complete” player – and tacked on an MVP and a bunch of All-Star appearances to boot.

I can get behind Larkin on the ballot.

Josh: Barry does have staying power given his consistency through the years, but the ‘wow’ factor just isn’t there for me. I guess it is the first year thing for me that makes it harder to swing my vote, but I’m starting to consider your opinion. Anything else that could seal the deal for him?

Nick: 7th all-time in runs created for shortstops?

9th all-time in WAR by a shortstop?

Josh: Sold — sign me up for the Larkin entry program.

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