BBA HoF Ballot Discussion: Roberto Alomar

by on December 29, 2009 · 11 comments

[Over the next few days, Josh and I will be discussing the Hall of Fame merits of the players on this year’s ballot for the purpose of creating our ballot for the Baseball Bloggers Alliance HoF voting.]

Roberto Alomar

Nick: I believe I allowed my opinion of Alomar’s “extra-curriculars” cloud my judgment of just how good a player Robbie was.  His run-ins with umpires come immediately to the forefront of my thinking, rather than the gold gloves, the RBI and the consistent .800+ OPS early in the order.

I would usually prefer to focus on particular statistics, individual achievement with reference – but in this case, I think it’s safe to provide this link:

Everyone above Alomar on that list that is both eligible and not banned from the game is enshrined in the Hall.  You have to go a long way down the list to find someone eligible and not named Mark McGwire that is not already enshrined.

Robbie has my vote.  Josh?

Josh: Alomar was a hard guy to like but one hell of a ballplayer. He should make for an interesting speech as well. HOF for sure.


So that one was kind of boring, eh? Got an argument against Robbie Alomar? Post it below…

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Ron December 29, 2009

Woo. Robbie is 1st ballot for sure. One of the best Blue Jays of all time.

Rich December 29, 2009

No argument. I was so pumped when the Mets traded for him but he ended up being awful.

Really, I can’t name a better 2bman post WW2. And sounds like a top 5 2b of all time. Hornsby, Gehringer, Lajoie, Alomar?

PH8 December 29, 2009

Eddie Collins factors into that top 5 – but Alomar very possibly belongs as well.

Depends on how you classify Rod Carew – played almost as many games at 2B as he did at 1B.

Rich December 29, 2009

Right, Carew went in as a 2bman, but clearly had some great years at 1b and won his MVP at 1b. So thats a tough one, I would have cut Carew out, but its tough to do that when he made the HOF as a 2b.

I think an interesting comparision for Alomar is Joe Morgan. And even more so, my friend Tony would love this, Lou Whitaker.

PH8 December 29, 2009

Indeed, both are very similar players to Alomar.

I think Robbie trumps them both.

Rich December 29, 2009

I’m surprised he trumps Morgan so easily. Morgan was GOOD. I don’t think I’d slot him before Morgan. I’d take the MVPs and the chicken wing.

PH8 December 29, 2009

Yeah, but Morgan loses points for his “work” on ESPN.

Rich December 29, 2009

Haha, well sure. But it’s not like Alomar hasn’t stayed out of trouble off the field either (and he’s had trouble on it).

But post WW-2 (sans Carew) top 10 (too early for Pedroia and Kinsler?):

1. J-Robbie
2. Morgan
3. Alomar
4. Kent
5. Sandberg
6. Utley
7. Whitaker
8. Nellie Fox
9. ?

PH8 December 29, 2009

James’ scale says no on Morgan above Alomar.

Utley may well top Alomar easily by the time he’s done.

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