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by on October 20, 2009 · 2 comments

Much like in high school, I prefer to take the high road when it comes to October rumors in baseball. PH8 scribes shared a laugh last night when I sent this article and of course it has a Chicago byline, so that should tell you everything you need right there. But the fact that DG had to have a counseling session over the topic of trading Pujols also proves that the P-D can attract A LOT of interesting opinions.

Starting tomorrow our own look back at the 2009 campaign will kick off with some position grades. That will lead into a snap shot of the 2010 Cardinals and hopefully some free agent news before too long. As much as I think David Freese will play a role in St. Louis, he is the calm before the storm. Maybe the front office is trying some misdirection with Mark DeRosa in hopes of keeping the price reasonable, but it appears everything else will wait for Matt Holliday’s decision.

It is very hard for me to believe that an initial offer hasn’t been presented to Boras and Co. The UCB joined in on the discussion with this month’s project and Matt’s Millions was the first question out of the blocks. I confess my opinion has softened a bit, but my main hope is that unfinished business keeps him wearing the Birds on the Bat. Holliday still provides the best option to protect Albert Pujols and should be given a hard look as long as the finances are reasonable (6 yrs, 90 million was my optimistic guess).

As much as I enjoy talking Cardinal baseball, my opinion of the intelligent fans took a nosedive after seeing this. Or maybe they will have the last laugh, and Shelby Miller is going to post it on his locker for motivation. Whatever the case I can’t wait to see how the next two months unfold, and you are all welcome to share in the fun.

Loyal to a fault, I was taught to never give up on your team. The Cardinals have much to look forward to in '13, and my family has already planned a number of trips to Springfield and even farther up the I-44. This year will start and end with #6, however, as St. Louis will have an extra fan watching from above - RIP Stan the Man
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Jeff October 20, 2009

Phil Rogers made a lot us scratch our heads with that article. I gotta believe the Cardinals will do EVERYTHING in their power to keep Albert and keep him happy. If I stop believing in that, then I stop believing in the Cardinals franchise and I can’t imagine living life like that.

PH8 October 20, 2009

Rogers doesn’t have much else to write about this off-season (save for bankruptcy proceedings) so why not stir up some muck re: the Cardinals, right?

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