If the Playoffs started today (10.01.09)…

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St. Louis Cardinals (90-67) versus Los Angeles Dodgers (93-65)


Colorado Rockies (89-68) versus Philadelphia Phillies (91-66)


Look familiar?  Yeah, me too.

Nothing has changed since Tuesday, except these teams won and lost some games respectively.

Colorado has effectively clinched the NL Wild Card (Matt Diaz says you’re welcome!), and the Dodgers have all but sewn up the top seed in this side of the bracket.

Los Angeles has only four games remaining on their schedule, the other three teams all have five yet to play.

If we were a betting blog (and occasionally, we are) – our money would be on these matchups to stick and start in Philly and L.A. on Wednesday.

Maybe the Cards can make a loser out of us?

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