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Last night’s game was pretty boring huh?  Adam Wainwright and shutout baseball?  Quick game?  YAWN!

Don’t fret PH8ers – we’ve got some new (and some old) links for you to peruse.

DeRo, Smoltzie, and those poor Baby Bears

The Boston Herald dumps a heap of salt into the wounds of Cub fans with this one.

What would a completely homegrown Cardinals lineup look like?

Matthew Pouliot at has your answer.  He’s been exploring all of the MLB teams in his series “Restoring the Rosters.”

“The People’s Team”?  This would-be politician thinks so.

Chris Moeller thinks the fans made those trades.  Not sure that I buy the whole “forum posters forced the hand of the General Manager” part, but I reckon anything is possible.

Aren’t Cubs fans cute?

i94sports thinks that the Cubs could be within five by the end of the week.  Of course, that was before the Cubbies got pasted last night by the Nats.  Dare I say, this one is OVAH.

A good slice of pie

Nick Kapur at put together a pie chart of the Cardinals using WAR (Wins Above Replacement) numbers to get an idea who is truly influencing the 2009 Cards season.  Fascinating information in there – Albert Pujols is who we thought he was, the pitching triumvirate is making a splash, and the recent additions have had a huge impact in a short time.

A new must-follow Cardinal blog

Steve Sommer at St. Louis Sports Scene has been doing some great research using MLB Pitch F/X tools and generally mopping up the floor with a good number of the rest of us statistically.  We’ve added Steve’s site to the blogroll at right, and recommend you follow him @Steve_Sommer on Twitter.

Irresponsible writing

Not here, thankfully!  Mark Miller wrote in the ‘Rumors’ section at Yahoo! Sports that Matt Holliday was not going to resign with the Cardinals.  Of course, this being news to me, I clicked and read along.  I quote Miller:

But Holliday apparently isn’t planning on staying in St. Louis when he becomes a free agent this winter, according to CBS Sports.

VERY interesting, I’m thinking, and I follow along to the CBSSports link.  From that piece:

Yes, Cardinals fans, he likes St. Louis well enough that he can see himself sticking around for a long, long time. On the other hand, given the numbers he’s putting up now, he may as well have a license to print money for his free-agent run this winter (agent: Scott Boras).

“I like it here,” he says. “Obviously, the team is good and competitive. The guys on the team seem like they’re a really great bunch of guys. It’s got a lot of the things I’m interested in.”

Do you read anywhere in that bit that Holliday doesn’t want to stay?  Doesn’t plan to stay?

Hell, even Miller quotes the “I like it here” bit in his blurb, and also says that Holliday is “not making any predictions for the winter.”

C’mon man, that’s just lazy.  Hope the traffic was worth it.

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