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Get ready for the link-fest folks.

Shelby Miller

The Cardinals’ front office has been saying for weeks they weren’t worried about getting a deal done.  The St. Louis scribes have said for some time that they expected it to get done.  There are tidbits floating around on Twitter today that many of these deals have been agreed upon for some time, but supressed by Major League Baseball because they were all over slot, and the league feared inflation.  Looks like they were really successful at keeping these bonuses in line with their “system,” eh?  (Chuckle.)

At any rate, the youngster from Texas is signed, perhaps instantly becomes the Cards’ top prospect, and gives the club a projected ace that the system has arguably lacked for a long time.

Not only do they bring in a stud young arm, they managed to get in not only under Miller’s early reported asking price of $4 million, they got in under their desired signing bonus number of $3 million.

John Mozeliak is truly living a blessed few months right now.

For more on the Miller signing:

Matthew Leach at MLB.com

Joe Strauss on the Cardinal Beat blog at STLToday.com

Jim Callis at BaseballAmerica.com

It’s probably a bit outdated compared to things you may find with a quick Google search, but here’s a one-stop shop for Miller scouting reports, video, etc that we threw together after his selection:

Cardinals select RHP Shelby Miller in MLB Draft


From youth to experience, we turn our attention to…

John Smoltz

There seems to be just way too much buzz surrounding this guy and the Cardinals for him not to wind up in St. Louis, right?

Boston released Smoltz today, freeing him to sign with any team for a pro-rated amount of the big-league minimum.

The roadblock most have used to explain why Smoltzie wouldn’t come to the Cards is because he wants to start, and it would seem the Cardinals could use him most in the bullpen.  Sure, there’s theoretically an opening at the back end of the rotation, but is there time (or even possibility) to get Smoltz right just to be a fifth starter, particularly when the Cards don’t need one much the rest of the season?

Let’s look at this old school pros and cons-style:


  1. .232/.259/.390 slash line versus right-handed hitters this season
  2. .250/.342/.313 slash line versus hitters seeing him for the first time in a game
  3. .257/.395/.286 slash line for pitches 1-25 thrown in a game
  4. .386 BABIP against can’t last, right? (right?)
  5. Dave Duncan
  6. Coming back to the National League


  1. .440/.490/.758 slash line versus left-handed hitters this season
  2. .500/.527/.917 slash line in high leverage situations
  3. Pretty much any other split for his 2009 season
  4. He’s not getting any younger

So what do we learn?  Smoltz could maybe be a right-handed Trever Miller?  Everything I see screams that the guy just doesn’t have what it takes to be a starting pitcher anymore and may not represent any sort of upgrade over the gents the Cardinals already employ.


That leads me into the…


Matthew Leach addressed both Miller and Smoltz on his blog today, but beyond all that was something that may easily get lost in the hub-bub of the day.

Continuing to follow on with why Smoltz might not be a fit, Tony LaRussa indicated that Blake Hawksworth really wasn’t a candidate to get a spot start based upon his success in the bullpen because he’s become a really valuable weapon for the Cards in that bullpen role.

Hawksworth:2009::Adam Wainwright:2006 ?

Let’s hope, kiddos.

Cheap Tickets!!!

The Cards are not only opening up the pockets for trades, high school pitchers, and Latin American teenagers – they are also passing along more value to the fans via ticket deals.

Starting tomorrow at 9a CT, Cardinal fans can purchase Outfield Loge Box seats for the Houston series (August 25-27) for only $4 based upon the Cards’ five wins on the recent six-game homestand.

Those of you that can, take advantage of this deal, it’s as hot as the Redbirds right now.

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