Cards Game 112: Win at Pirates

by on August 10, 2009 · 2 comments

Matt Capps should be thankful that Albert Pujols cannot throw a 100 mph fastball.  Or that he would likely never bat versus the Cardinals in a situation to be hit anyway.  Or that Albert just didn’t feel like maiming a guy who could arguably be laughed at for calling himself a closer in the first place.


Albert apparently wasn’t happy with whatever Pirates’ manager John Russell had to say after rushing out of the Pittsburgh dugout either, as he was restrained while hollering his two cents toward the Pirate manager and the game’s umpires.


Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed.  Cardinal pitchers refrained from retaliation (perhaps for lack of a suitable matching target) and the game ended without further incident.

The Redbirds proceeded to add on runs and manager Tony LaRussa proceeded to facilitate his bullpen/reliever dance to finish off a sweep (SWEEP!) of the Pirates.

Khalil Greene delivered a perhaps unexpected RBI hit, with other Cards chiming in and capitalizing on Pittsburgh errors and general incompetence.

Cardinal pitcher Joel Pineiro really settled down following a rough start, and continues to be one of the more reliable starting pitchers in this season’s Cardinal rotation.


Johnny Cueto versus Kyle Lohse.

Lohse has struggled since his return from the disabled list, but could be poised to right his season at home versus a Reds team that has scuffled and will be without potential distraction (and admitted PH8 favorite) former Cardinal, Scott Rolen.


PH8 reader (at least, I hope he still is) and writer Bernie Miklasz writing that Pujols and Tiger Woods are fairly ridiculous specimen that all sport followers should appreciate.

Todd Wellemeyer is returning to the Cardinals’ rotation.  Yay.

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Mark August 11, 2009

Didn’t Pujols say after the game that Capps might have had it get away from him? If he did then that’s not just a great hitter, but a smart man. Too often guys drag stuff like this out in the media when it won’t do them any good – but could do them some harm.

PH8 August 12, 2009

Yeah, I recall reading the same thing.

I think Pujols is very smart. He doesn’t want to escalate anything, but I think it’s clear he’s not very happy about the increase in plunkings either.

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