Albert Pujols, Paramedic

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By now, you’ve read about Albert Pujols’ mercenary mission down the right field line on Friday night.

By now you’ve likely seen replays, photos, and read the stories.

Poor guy, just trying to get a ball for his kid…



Pirates first-base coach Perry Hill helped Pujols attend to the fan, fully clad in Cardinals gear, and word is that Hill was the one who insisted the fan stay on the ground after seeing the fall chronicled by the following relatively disturbing photos.




Thankfully, word is that the fan is ok.  You’ll see from the photo below that Albert and Pirates’ coach Hill stuck with the guy until he was carted off the field (procedure, particularly with Pittsburgh club president Frank Coonelly making his way to the field by this stage).


A father who reportedly had a child afflicted with Down’s Syndrome, and was only doing his best to take a game-used ball home for his kid, this turned into a longer night than they probably bargained for.


Can’t have an 0n-field injury without the departing thumbs-up.  Have heard the gentleman is in good health, spirits, and humor about the incident.

Thank goodness.

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Kujo August 10, 2009

Those are some really good screenshots of the telecast. Did you take those yourself?

PH8 August 10, 2009

I did. Poor guy, felt bad about the ones where he’s faceplanted on the track, but it tells the story.

Pretty scary moment.

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